Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Back after a long hiatus

I've been away for way too long. Moving and personal issues got the best of me the last few weeks. I hope that never happens again. Anyway, here is what is going on around town tomorrow.

MillionYoung w/ Sunglasses, the Great Mundane, Flashlights @ Hi Dive

Rob Halford, Philm Feat Dave Lombardo From Slayer @ Ogden

The Salt And The Sea, Jessica Sonner, Caleb Slade, Ramaya Soskin @ Walnut Room

4-H Royalty, 10-4 Eleanor, Sour Boy, Bitter Girl @ Larimer Lounge

Headrush @ Funky Buddha

2:10 Special, The Zen Theory, Madeline's Revenge, Wadda Bout Bob @ Herman's Hideaway

H.O.E., Jon Now Or Never, Correct Records and No Escape @ Cervantes Other Side

Red Wanting with Blue Brothers O’Hair & Jen Korte @ Casselman's

I am sure you are all going to Rob Halford tomorrow since they gave away about 1,000 tickets for it. Go listen to some solo stuff, some old Judas Priest, or whatever he feels like playing. I'll be getting cultured at the Blue Man Group.

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