Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Roger Waters, The Wall.....

Tonight brought the 30th anniversary tour of The Wall to Pepsi Center and Roger Waters was promising it was going to be better than ever. Now, being too young to see The Wall performed the first time around I really have no way of comparing but I do have one word to describe tonight. Phenomenal. I won't go through the setlist since everyone in the world who is a music fan should have The Wall in their collection, and every stoner should have seen the movie The Wall by now. The stage production was pretty amazing. One thing that I noticed immediately was the fact that you actually forget you are there at a Rock concert, so the band is pretty secondary to the visuals. During the opening, you had a plane crash and take out part of the wall with some awesome pyrotechnics (which sadly were the only pyrotechnics in the whole show) From there you had the flash back scene with Another Brick in the Wall where they had this awesome puppet wearing a gas mask that all the kids had to get away from and defeat. You slowly go further and further into Floyds mind where he has his sexual fantasies (Young Lust) and finally questioning the world and whether he should build a wall (Mother) The first act ended with Goodbye Cruel World with Roger Waters putting in the final brick in the wall when he sang Goodbye Cruel World, Goodbye.

Act 2 began with the band playing behind the Wall up until Nobody's Home when Roger sang while watching a TV. Midway through the set, the entire band had moved in front of the wall and played to images of war, poverty, worms, and even the animated trial that eventually led to tearing down the wall. Words can't really express what seeing it live could convey. This production was a masterpiece 30 years in the making. The story was told brilliantly through both audio and visual senses. Fucking awesome.

A couple of the highlights was definitely Mother which Roger sang while playing a clip of another show he did 30 years earlier of him singing the same song. It was his way of doing the double vocal tracks, and it was pulled of nearly flawless. Comfortably Numb was absolutely beautiful and the giant puppet used during Another Brick in the Wall was pretty awesome. This show has easily made a permanent spot in my top 10 shows of all time.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Around town tomorrow

Here is a quick recommendation for tomorrow. Hit up Bender's for Tromapalooza. The great Lloyd Kaufman is going to be there along with some music that may or may not be very good. Did I mention Lloyd Kaufman? Seriously, go and talk to that guy. He is insane and awesome at the same time. If I wasn't going to be in the Springs I'd be talking to Lloyd. Alright, off to a birthday party.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Around town tomorrow

I am finally feeling like a human being again. Thank Christ. Now, it's time to tell you where to go for the best shows in Denver.

Tjutjuna CD Release, Woodsman, Married In Berdichev, DJ Peter Black @ Larimer Lounge

Candy Claws w/ the Chain Gang of 1974, Jay J Matott and the Arctic - Special Guest DJset from Magic Teepee @ Hi-Dive


Barnacle, Black Lamb, Disease, Minds Of Magess @ Black Lamb

Ozomatli @ Ogden

Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers w/ Backyard Tire Fire @ Gothic Theatre

Salva @ City Hall

Heavy Artillery w/ Loxy, Hulk, Lank, Despise, Amok, Automated Prayer, The Mentat, C:Bass, Stienski, Crookkid and Reckless @ Cervantes

Yerkish w/ Gritt Hitter, The Orchid Set @ Walnut Room

Tracy Lawrence @ Grizzly Rose

Mad Dog And The Smokin J's / Rhythm Dragons / Captain Blood @ Lion's Lair

The Atomic Drifters w/ The Imsomniaxe @ Oriental Theater


Sol~Fed~Joe @ Ziggies

Forty Fathoms w/ Ransom, As the Sky Darkens, Dissonance In Design @ Moe's

The Gracious Few, American Bang, Take To the Oars @ Bluebird

Candye Kane w/ Jimbo Darville & the Truckadours and Dirty Backseat Lovers @ Bender's

Tomorrow is a great night to get your groove on. So much awesome music it's hard to pick just one, so I won't. First things first....on the national front check out Roger Clyne at the Gothic. They have been rocking for a while, show them some love. Also, The Gracious Few is playing at the Bluebird. I'm actually curious to hear how they sound. It's some of the members of Candlebox and Live in a "supergroup" ready to rock the place. I've always loved Candlebox so I'd be curious to check them out. On the local front, Black Lamb will melt your face, Yerkish could easily do the same, and you should do your best to get out to one of these. Until tomorrow, have fun out there.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Around town tomorrow

I still feel like shit and don't have much energy to write this. So, here are my recommendations for tomorrow. Here goes, Fingers of the Sun is playing at Meadowlark, that should be a great show. Reckless Red is playing at Rockaway and that may be an amazing show depending if the sound is fucked up or not. I really hope they got their issues fixed. Sunday Girl is playing at Toad Tavern and I really dig their sound. I am playing in your mama's ass, look for the video soon. Have fun out there. I'm going to take more nyquil.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Around town tomorrow

It's been a terrible day and I'm fighting something so I'm going to keep this brief and give you the highlights of what's going on in Denver tomorrow. Check out Hot Buttered Rum at the Bluebird, or go to the Hi-Dive for Raven and the Writing Desk simply because its an awesome name. You could easily be disappointed but then again, maybe you shouldn't be going out so late on a work night. Who am I kidding? Work is overrated anyway. To hell with it, get drunk and call in sick on Thursday. While you're at it, call in Friday too and make it a 4 day weekend. I'm a bad influence.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

2 concert reviews

Alright, I didn't make it to Bad Religion at all due to exhaustion from no sleep after Gwar but I did make it to see King for a Day. All in all it was a great couple of shows. Here are the reviews.


On Thursday I finally got around to seeing Gwar after 25 years of making music. My question is, why did I wait so long? Gwar itself is an acronym for God what an awful racket, and quite honestly their music isn't the very best. The good news is, what they lack in ability to play good music they make up in an over the top stage show. When Gwar took the stage, two giant zombie like creatures walked out, who quickly got decapitated and their blood got drained out all over the audience. From there, Gwar played several old and new songs with sacrifices inbetween. At one point, Lady Gaga was brought onstage wearing a toilet outfit and was quickly sacrificed by a beast with a giant plunger. Blood sprayed out of her breasts all over the crowd once again. After all the carnage during their set, Gwar came out for an encore. During this encore, Oderus Urungus used his giant strap on to simulate ejaculating and urinating blood onto the entire audience and finished up the evening with their hit song Sick Of You. This show was everything I imagined a Gwar show would be and more, I was not disappointed one little bit. Such an awesome time.

King For A Day

Last night I had the chance to see one of my favorite local bands play with a brand new member, Dan Sheck. While it was sad to see Goose part ways with the band, one thing that was obvious is that a new member brings new energy to a band. Everyone seemed to be having a great time and the size of the stage allowed Vic to release his energy and bounce around to pretty much every corner of the stage that the Oriental had. Every member was in top form and the sound at the Oriental was perfect. Every note that each member played was crystal clear, which can be a rarity at some venues. KFAD decided to take last night to play a ton of new material they have been working on, which always makes me happy. I have to say I really enjoyed Two Stroke and Golden Shot a lot. They also played some old songs like Hope and Preacher and their cover of Goldfish Bowl. The only major disappointment in that entire evening was the fact that the band that played before KFAD (Stealth Hippo, avoid them at all cost) drove a good portion of the crowd away in their long and painful set. (it also included 5 minutes of hippo action that was looped for the entire show. Annoying) After the show there were shouts for an encore. Simon left the stage and Dan, Vic, and John went into an awesome cover of The Seeker with Vic taking the vocals.It was a great close to a great evening.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Around tonight, tomorrow, and Saturday

Happy Veteran's day to all that are currently serving or have served. Your sacrifice is not only appreciated today, but every single day. If you are at any show this weekend and you meet someone that served, buy them a drink. (I'll personally be at Gwar, Bad Religion, and King for a Day) With that said, here are the shows for tonight, Friday, and Saturday since I'm busy.


GWAR w/ The Casualties, Infernaeon, Mobile Death Camp @ Gothic

Hot Congress Presents Vitamins, Kissing Party, Hindershot & Luke Hunter James-Erickson @ Meadowlark

Josh Ritter and the Royal City Band, Thieving Irons @ Ogden

Old Crow Medicine Show @ Oriental Theater

Sherman to the Fucking Sea, Sea of Teeth, Circle Number Dot, Moore @ Larimer Lounge

Rachel Eisenstat & Iron City (CD Release) w/ Jen Korte & The Loss, Jamie Mefford & Blue Light @ Walnut Room

Turdus Musicus w/ Holley 750 3 Kings

Four Mile Fire Relief Benefit w/ Fresh2Death, 2DUBAII, Eminence Ensemble, FieVeL & LoLo @ Cervantes

Colfax Speed Queen / Atomic Americans / The Satin Peaches @ Lion's Lair

Hill Country Revue feat. Cody Dickinson of North Mississippi AllStars w/ The Fox Street All Stars @ Cervantes Other Side

Invisible Beats @ Casselmans

Mason Lock's Dubstep @ Old Curtis Street Pub

Inland Lights w/ The Frozen Movement, The Big Motif, & Ditch Rites @ Herman's Hideaway

House of Heroes @ Marquis

Friday Night:

Bad Religion, Bouncing Souls @ Fillmore

Danzig @ Ogden

Git Some, I Know You, Rider, Glass Hits, Hot White @ Larimer Lounge

Mark Mallman w/ A Tom Collins, Chris McGarry And The Insomiacs @ Hi-Dive

The Nadas, John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light @ Bluebird

Dangerous Nonsense, Monroe Monroe, The Swindlers, and Smoothbore @ 3 Kings

9/10ths Of The Law w/ FMS, Crusher Bound Cadillac, Blindfold The Devil @ Gothic

The Courtesy Bandits with RUE @ The Bug Theater

Future Simple Project, The Larva Ink, Bedrockk, .anansi, Checkers @ City Hall

Death For Breakfast / The Myth Of Modern Medicine / Sparky Quano @ Lion's Lair

Yamn w/ ZOBOMAZÉ, &One @ Cervante's

The Indulgers @ Scruffy Murphy's

Whiskey King Coalition w/ James & the Devil, Hot Cheeze Soup, O.T.I.S., & Silk N' Steel @ Herman's Hideaway

Whitey Morgan and the 78's w/ Colfax Cowboys @ Bender's

Brother Rockwell, The Dax Equation @ Old Curtis Street Pub

Randall Dubis Band @ Ziggies

The Breakpoint Method w/ Bodies We've Buried, Audioflux & Such As I Am @ Cervante's Other side

Tantric Picasso w/ Statewide Emergency, Silent Treatment, West Water Outlaws @ Moe's

Nathan Maxwell (Of Flogging Molly) & The Original Bunny Gang With No Bueno, Lola Black, Potcheen, Murder Hat @ Toad Tavern

Luke Mitchem CD Release w/ Stacie Fredrich, The Mile Markers @ Walnut Room

Hey Monday @ Marquis

Saturday Night

Small Black, Class Actress @ Rhinoceropolis

Circa Survive w/ Dredg, Codeseven, Animals As Leaders @ Summit Music Hall

Savoy, Alex B, Kostas, Trajikk @ Ogden

Combichrist w/ Aesthetic Perfection, Ivardensphere @ Gothic

Colour Revolt w/ Eolian, the Outfit @ Hi-Dive

The Hollyfelds (last show this year!) w/The Porter Draw, Cody Crump @ Meadowlark

Brothers O'Hair, The Fling, Weather Maps @ Larimer Lounge

Kal Cahoone and the Dirty Pretty (CD/EP Release) w/ The Widow's Bane, Matt Shupe and Super Secret Messengers @ Walnut Room

Musuji, Lords of Fuzz w/ Another Door, Blunt Trap @ 3 Kigs

March Fourth Marching Band w/ Ukulele Loki's Gadabout Orchestra @ Moe's

King Rat, Split Second Massacre and The Limbs @ Bender's

Wireframe, LOCUS, Seris, Like Pianos Crashing @ Casselman's

King For A Day w/ Working Man String Band & Stealth Hippo @ Oriental Theater

9th Annual Soul Rebel Festival w/ Midnite, The Yellow Wall Dub Squad, Macklemore, Binary Star, The McKay Brothers featuring Bill McKay of Leftover Salmon, Lion Souljahs, Irie Still, Weapons of Mass Creation, By All Means, Major & Friends, DJ BloodPreshah @ Cervante's

Tiesto @ 1st Bank Center

Savoy Brown featuring Kim Simmonds w/ Reckless Red @ Soiled Dove

Hollow Young, Cosmic Sound Child, Michele Glader @ Old Curtis Street

Super Mash Bros, Van Kalsing of London Dungeon @ Bluebird Theater

Hot Robots / Daniel G. Harmann And The Trouble Starts / Strong Like Woman@ Lions Lair

Wendy Woo Band, Paint @ Toad Tavern

Wade Bowen @ Grizzly Rose

Michael Hornbuckle Band @ Ziggies

Lost Point w/ Random Hero, My Vendetta, William's Ink & Memory Down @ Herman's Hideaway

Dyrty Byrds, Lost Lingo, Fried Grease, Gravity, Craigstock West Ensemble, The Bailouts, Mark Brut, Kort McCumber, Interstate Stash Express, The Acoustic Racket and Cooley’s Minions @ Cervante's Other side

Gordon Lightfoot @ Paramount Theater

Left Alone @ Marquis

This is a busy three days of music with lots to see. Tonight if you are out, I recommend Hot Congress over at the Meadowlark, That promises to be a great show again this week. Another great option simply because of what it benefits, head on over to Cervantes for the fourmail fire relief benefit. The cause is awesome. I'll personally be at Gwar.

Tomorrow, Bad Religion is a great choice. Those boys have been killing it since the 80s and still put on an awesome show. Yamn at Cervantes is another great choice. I saw them play a few weeks ago for the first time and was blown away by them. Could just be the hippie in me though. Nathan Maxwell is another great option. He plays with the one and only Flogging Molly. Potcheen is supporting them and will have some other great music to dance to as well.

Saturday head on down to Meadowlark to see Hollyfelds and Cody Crump. This is the last show ever for Cody Crump and the last show for the Hollyfelds this year so now is your chance to see two great acts on one stage. Another great band to see is Combichrist. They are definitely worth checking out if you enjoy industrial stuff. I'll personally be at the King for a Day show checking out the new bass player that they recently got. This is another band you should definitely check out if you live in Denver. They have been rocking the stages since I've moved here and have quickly become one of my favorite local bands.

That's it, let me know if you see anything.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

What's actually happening around here on a Monday night?

Trying to get your week started off the right way? Down a bottle of Jaeger and have a designated driver take you to one of these shows.

Spindrift, Hearts In Space, Fingers of the Sun @ Larimer Lounge

The Spring Standards with Jessica Sonner & Sarah Slaton @ Casselman's

Pawn Ticket Trio @ 3 Kings

Mondays are the slowest days musically in Denver. Head on down to Larimer Lounge for Fingers of the Sun or to 3 Kings for the smooth jazz of the Pawn Ticket Trio. If you hit up 3 Kings, don't forget to wear some panties up to the bar so you can get a free house shot. Oh, it's Monday so don't forget there is also burlesque there as well.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Recommendations for tomorrow night

This busy ass day left me with little time to get this together tonight, or maybe it was sheer laziness. Either way, it's Friday night and I'm the lame bastard home and not at a show. I suck, I know. Don't blame me, blame my job. :) Enough babbling, here is what I recommend for tomorrow:

If you love jam bands then head on down to Herbs for Frogs Gone Fishin' I saw those boys play the other day and they were pretty damn awesome. The guys at Evergroove studios know how to sign hot talent that's for sure. If an evening of dancing to great music doesn't grab you and you want your face rocked off then head on over to Larimer Lounge for the Gritch CD release show. If you have time, check out Jim McTurnan and the Kids that Killed the Man over at the Meadowlark. If you were a fan of Cat a tac you will dig them. Finally, if you are a little bitch afraid of having a good time, then I heard Sex and the City 2 is now available on DVD go watch that shit and I'll have a drink for you. Whatever your choice, have fun out there.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Around town tomorrow

Finally it's the weekend. Lots of stuff going on tomorrow, though not much that gets me very excited.

Ian Cooke, The Head and the Heart w/ the Lumineers @ Moe's

Doomtree with POS @ Marquis Theater

The Photo Atlas w/ Otto von Cousticon, Common Anomaly, 200 Million Years @ Benders

David Allan Coe @ Grizzly Rose

High Five Art Show w/ beer boys, THE BAD ENGRISH @ 3 Kings

Young Cities EP Release w/ Monroe Monroe, Sun Red, Kentucky Street Parlor Pickers @ Hi-Dive

Lotus @Gothic Theater

Orgone w/ Liebermonster, Bobby C Sound TV @ Cervantes

The Photo Atlas w/ False Colours @ Benders

MTHDS Video Premier/Ep Release, Synthetic Elements, Willdabeast @ Bluebird

Paul Oakenfold, Zen Freeman @ Ogden

Steve Law and Frederick Poiondexter @ Ice Cube Gallery

Steppin' In It w/ The Haunted Windchimes, Truckstop Honeymoon @ Cervantes Other Side

The Microdots / School / Whoarfrost @ Lion's Lair

Oak Creek w/ Rob Drabkin @ Walnut Room

Pet Motel, Strange Condition w/ Big Green Carpet & the Dick Ramada Band @ Herman's Hideaway

John McNeil and Convergence: Jazz Concert @ Dazzle Jazz Club

Glass Homes, Chambio, Stereowire, Dwight Forcey @ Larimer Lounge

Mile High Vocal Jam @ Casselman's

The Subdudes w/ The Erica Brown Trio @ Soiled Dove

It's not the best Friday for music by any means but there are a few gems out there. For example, if you love hip hop then check out Doomtree and POS. I'm sure they will be honoring the loss of their friend Eyedea who died a couple weeks back. If they don't do it for you like they don't do it for me go for some punk and see Synthetic Elements with MTHDS. It sounds like it could be a fun show. Monroe Monroe is always a good standby if you just have no interest in anyone else as well. Want something mellow? Check out the Subdudes at Soiled Dove. Want to go with no instruments? Check out the Mile High Vocal Jam. They make all the music without playing a single thing. Have fun out there and let me know what you saw.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Around town tomorrow

Alright, it's finally Thursday tomorrow and we all know you are ready to get your weekend started. Here is what's going on tomorrow night.

Steve Aoki AKA Kid Millionaire w/ Special Guests J Flash, London Dungeon @ Cervantes

Hot Congress with Achille Lauro, Action Packed Thrill Ride, Girls Walk By, and Sun Red @ Meadowlark

Voodoo Slingshot, The Getaway, Front St. Blues, Boomslang @ Toad Tavern

the Chromium Heart w/ Mary Beth Abella, I'm A Boy @ Hi-Dive

KindleTree w/ E.P.O. (Emergency Pullout), Nipples & Dimes, & Paul Hiam @ Herman's Hideaway

The Rocket Summer: Bryce Avary, His Instruments and Your Voices @ Bluebird

The Biz w/ Dorian Vibe, Eager Minds @ Cervantes Other Side

In Due Time, I'm A Rebel, Dottie, The Dream Doctors, The Evil Pigs @Larimer Lounge

Tomorrow, get your ass down to the Meadowlark to see Hot Congress and Action Packed Thrill Ride. These cats are guaranteed to chase away the work week blues. You also get the honor of being in one of the nicest bars in Denver. The acoustics inside this intimate little venue are amazing. Have a great time.

Frogs Gone Fishin'

I had the opportunity to make it up to Evergreen to the legendary Little Bear to see one of the emerging new jam bands in Colorado take the stage. Frogs Gone Fishin' consists of Trevor Jones on Lead Guitar, Andrew Portwood on Guitar, Mark Levy on Drums, and Steve Rogers on bass. Everyone but Mark are also on vocals. One of the first things I noticed when Frogs took the stage was the bass line. I love a good, funky bass line and Steve did not fail to deliver, even at times popping the bass a lot like Mike Gordon of Phish. While it's easy to just throw these guys in with every jam band out there, they do bring their own unique style to the scene. There was not one time that I felt that one of their songs went on too long, they never tried to sound like any other band out there, and there is a lot of talent. They blended in some rock, a bit of melody, a lot of improv, and an all around fresh sound. I loved every second of their show. Also, any band that can get a crowd on their feet dancing is always a good sign. One thing I would really like to see is these guys getting a big fan base, maybe opening up for Leftover Salmon or even Yonder Mountain String Band just so more people can be exposed to these talented gentlemen. Do yourself a favor, if you see Frogs Gone Fishin' on the bill, be sure to check them out. They have the potential to be big.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Around town tonight and tomorrow

Now that you have voted for either the dipshit or the asshole I am sure you want to get out and have some fun. Here is what is going on tonight.

Sufjan Stevens@ Paramount Theater

Drake, Tyga @ Wells Fargo Theater

Mimicking Birds, Breathe Owl Breathe w/ Social Studies @ Hi-Dive

Free Moral Agents (w/ Ikey Owens of The Mars Volta), 2mex, The Pirate Signal @ Casselmans

Carl Palmer and His Band w/ celebrate the music of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer @ Soiled Dove

MAE (all original members) w/ Terrible Things, Windsor Drive @ Marquis

Tumbledown, Tin Horn Prayer, The Gromet, Banners or Bandages @ Larimer Lounge

The Supervillains, Ballyhoo!, the B Foundation, Slaughterhouse Rootz @ The Bluebird

Tonight, I'm heading up the hill to Evergreen to see Frogs Gone Fishing. Get up there if you can. They are playing up at Little Bear. If you are staying in town I would personally recommend that you check out Carl Palmer and his Band to check out some ELP music. Another great choice would be Sufjan Stevens. It's not the best night for music but you can find some fun stuff if you look hard enough.

Tomorrow, drown your sorrows after you find out that your candidate lost or celebrate your candidates win or celebrate the end of robocalls until next year by checking out one of these bands.

Best Coast, Sonny & the Sunsets @ Bluebird

Drew Grow & The Pastors' Wives, The Raven & The Writing Desk, Kelli Schaefer, The May Kit @ Larimer Lounge

Aloud, Monroe Monroe w/ Old Radio @ Moe's

Lady Antebellum @ Fillmore

Headrush @ Funky Buddha

Kina Grannis w/ Imaginary Friend @ Soiled Dove

Wahnder Lust (featuring Kim Manning of George Clinton & The P-Funk Allstars) @ Cervantes Other Side

Jazzy Jam @ Ziggies

Tomorrow if you don't feel like seeing live music, go to Jokes On you at Casselmans and see my old friend Jordan Zuckerman tell a bunch of dirty jokes, some of which have been ripped off by Bob Saget (allegedly) Musically, check out Wahnder Lust. George Clinton never had any slackers in his band and it's sure to be a treat. If you want to get your face rocked off, head to Moe's for Monroe Monroe. Have fun out there and let me know what you saw.