Saturday, July 31, 2010

Around town 8/1

Black Lamb BBQ w/ Popwreck, Black Acid Devil, Speedwolf, Disease Called Human, Idiotfish @ Larimer Lounge
Daylight,Transit, Only Thunder, Crooked Ways @ Blast o Mat
Los Lonely Boys @ Arvada Center
Rockers for Knockers - A Benefit @ Quixotes
Boulder Acoustic Society w/ Fishtank Ensemble @ Walnut Room
Ditch Rites @ Toad Tavern
Mumford (Iowa)/Utopia Park (Iowa)/Tiny Moving Parts (Nd) @ Rocket Room
Denver's longest standing Blues Jam @ Ziggies
Animus CD Release Party w/ Public Display of Aggression, The Unrelenting, Virga, Broken Image, Controlled Demise @ Cervantes
Captain Blood / Suffix Punch / Shuffle Inn / Ha Ha Hooligans @ Lion's Lair
Battle of the Bands @ Ogden

Tomorrow you should go to the Larimer Lounge for the Black Lamb BBQ. I've seen Black Lamb throw down before and they bring the heavy metal crazy up a notch. There may not actually be a sane bone in the singers body, which is exactly what you want your front man to be when you are rocking a place. Also, did I mention that it's a BBQ? Tasty food and awesome music make for a great combination. Get there early though, since this is a BBQ.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Around town 7/31

Michael Franti & Spearhead with Brett Dennen @ Red Rocks
Toadies w/ Dead Country, The Mag 7 @ Gothic
Sunset Curse w/ the Pirate Signal, Monroe Monroe @ Hi Dive
Reno Divorce, King Rat, Pitch Invasion w/ Suburban Hostage, Red Stinger, Truckasaurus, With Arms Raised, One Whore's Town & a very special mystery guest! @ Benders
Treasure Fingers w/ Altered Egos @ Vinyl
Reverend Deadeye w/ Ross Etherton and the Chariots of Judah @ Paris Wine Bar
William Topley @ Bluebird
Rubber Planet, Sons Of The Addicted, Goldie And The Bears @ Toad Tavern
I Know You, Rider w/ Extreme Turbo Smash, PANAL S.A. DE C.V. @ Summit Music Hall
Tim McGraw and Lady Antebellum @ Fiddlers Green
Bemused, Distance Engine, Josh Vaught (The Rouge), Thomas Freed @ Meadowlark
Oakcreek, Kindletree, Safe Boating Is No Accident @ Larimer Lounge
Drop Dead Gorgeous, From First To Last, Attila, Sleeping With Sirens, Abandon All Ships, For All Those Sleeping, Woe Is Me, Scarlett O Hara @ Marquis
Zach Heckendorf w/ Brooke Shellberg @ Cervantes
AC and The Mighty Jivesters @ Walnut Room
Blood Debt, Seven Days Lost, Redeem My Promise, Tearing The Tides, Calvera Cannibal, Beyond The Wreckage, Among The First, In Oceans, Lost of All Days @ Cervantes Other Side
Maruth, Solemn Empire, The Casket Crew @ Old Curtis Street Pub
Lola Black w/ Truckasaurus, 3 Grams Over An Ounce, My Orange Crush @ Moe's
Michael Hornbuckle Band @ Ziggies
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers feat. Jim Dalton from the Railbenders on lead Guitar! @ Herman's Hideaway
Take/Colfax Speed Queen/Sherman To The Fucking Sea/Tiny Moving Parts (Mn)/Sunrise Sunset (Nd) @ Lions Lair
Reckless Red @ Lincoln's
Eddie Money @ Hudson Gardens

Another day and another tough recommendation. I really have to recommend Reckless Red for today. If you haven't seen them, what you get is a bit of blues, a bit of country, a bit of rock, and one ass kicking great time. CJs sultry voice could easily be rated as good or better as Susan Tedeschi, Alannah Miles, or Dana Fuchs.

Of course, if you don't want blues you can always head to Toad Tavern for Rubber Planet. They have an 80s feel and are yet another band that is a lot of fun to see. Silver has great stage presence and can really get the crowd singing.

I will personally be at the sold out Michael Franti show, which I'm looking forward to. I've seen Franti do an acoustic set in the past and I have to say, he has more energy than the Energizer Bunny. Have a great time.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Around town 7/30

Paper Bird w/ the Beaten Sea, Ian Cooke @ Gothic
Miniature Tigers, The Spinto Band, The Don'ts and Be Carefuls @ Larimer Lounge
Action Packed Thrill Ride w/ Johnny Woodrose & the Broken-Hearted Woodpeckers, Elliott Moonshine & the Ghost @ Moes
DATSIK w/ RumbleJunkie, Despise, Dodger, Sub.Mission Residents @ Cervantes
Lords of Fuzz @ Star Bar
Missing DuFrenes w/ Dang!@ Walnut Room
The Heyday w/ Roe (acoustic), The Epilogues (acoustic), Places (acoustic)@ Summit Music Hall
Lyle Lovett & His Large Band w/ Taj Mahal @ Red Rocks
William Topley @ Bluebird
Vicente Fernandez @ Pepsi Center
Mechanical Dan w/ special guests Jumping at Shadows @ 12 Volt Tavern
The Babysitters, Action Friend, RAWRR! @ Meadowlark
The Informants! w/ Halden Wofford and the Hi-Beams & The Trailer Park Playboys @ Hermans Hideaway
Brethren Fast @ Ziggies
Socialfuse w/ Rachel Morgan Perry, Of David, Mint Novacaine @ Buffalo Rose
moore,psycho devilles, big tattoo @ 3 Kings
Roger Clyne, solo @ Little Bear
Gravity w/ DJ Rootz, The Biz, Remo @ Marquis
Non-Compliant/Morbid Sanctuary/Another Door @ Lions Lair
Psycho Deville @ Benders
Forever More Entertainment w/ the Say So (formerly En Plein Air), Break Through Beautiful, Fight the Quiet, Kyle Coy, Saige @ Hi Dive
Spyro Gyra @ Soiled Dove
Dave Edwards, The Blacklight Project, 7even Days Til Sunrise, Sharla Jackson Band @ Toad Tavern
The Dynamites featuring Charles Walker w/ Dangermuffin @ Cervantes
Gun Outfit @ Rhinoceropolis

Holy shit there are a ton of great shows tomorrow, it's hard to recommend just one. So, here it goes. If you are struggling to decide I personally recommend checking out either Brethren Fast, Missing Dufrenes, or the Don'ts and Be Carefuls. I've seen all of these bands one time or another and they all kick a lot of ass. Brethren Fast plays best to a crowd like Lincolns, and can rock all night. Both Missing Dufrenes and Donts and Be Carefuls are both coming off excellent shows at UMS and both promise to bring a top notch performance. There is no way in hell you could possibly be bored tomorrow with so many acts to choose from. The only true question is who will actually get your cover charge. Good luck with that my friends and go get your faces rocked off.

Weird Al concert review

I went to see Weird Al at the Paramount tonight and I must say damn what a great show. Thankfully, there was no opener at all so we got just over two hours of non-stop hilarity. He came out and played one of his polkas that cover all the songs that are popular today to start the show. After that, he asked if everyone was ready to rock and then said "well this is awkward, what I have next is a ballad" and went into You Don't Love Me Anymore, which at the end he smashed his guitar. After every song there was a costume change, which means we got Al TV as a filler. If you remember the days when he took over MTV and played nothing but videos and clips he loved, plus interviews with celebrities then you know what we got. I had forgotten about all the great interviews he had done with Eminem, Jessica Simpson, Avril Lavigne, and Robert Plant. The entire audience was laughing during several of the clips, and even got into the UHF skit Wheel of Fish.

At one point in the show, he played Fat. I was hoping to hear him sing this, and was excited that when he walked out he was wearing the fat suit from the video. He also rocked the Amish costume for Amish Paradise, rode out in a segway for White and Nerdy, and the Jedi outfit for The Saga Begins, which also had Darth Vader and Stormtroopers dancing. From beginning to end it was nonstop entertainment. If you ever get a chance to see him, do yourself a favor and go. He was worth every penny.

I want to give a special shout out to the Paramount for having the parking situation under control. It's so hard to park near 16th St Mall and to have two places to park free of charge was amazing. Add that to the fact that my fiancee had a broken seat and they came and fixed it immediately was also impressive. Definitely top notch service there.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Around town 7/29

Bear in Heaven w/ Twin Sister, Weed Diamond @ Hi- Dive
"Weird Al" Yankovic @ Paramount
ABBA - The Concert / Arrival from Sweden @ Red Rocks
Easy Star All-Stars perform Dub Side of the Moon w/ Denver Dub Collective performing Prince's Purple Rain in Reggae and Dub w/ YEGDJ @ Cervantes
Glass Delirium w/ Yerkish, Ploy for Extinction, Cant Leave on a Whale@ Marquis
We Are Haiti 2: Brer Rabbit, Jonny 5 of Flobots, Soul Daddy @ Meadowlark
portamento, i know you rider, and special guests @ 3 Kinga
tim hill combo @ Herman's Hideaway
Emilio ~ Emilio @ Ziggies
The Free Electric Band, Thermopolis, Ironwood Rain, Noodle Soup @ Toad Tavern
Laugh Out Loud @ Funky Buddha
Midnite @ Bluebird
Conspiracy Assassins w/ Parasite Hilton, Harvest the Murdered, Nicaraguan Death Squad, Speedwolf @ Gothic
Frogs Gone Fishin', Springdale Quartet w/ Oakcreek, The Riot @ Moes
Crazyfish - Italy's Tribute to The Rolling Stones @ Soiled Dove
Mouthful of Buckshot, Burn the Port, We Are All Destined to Fail @ Larimer Lounge
Trajikk + Shake One @ Beta
Harmonious Junk w/ The Werks @ Cervantes'
Tim Hill Combo, Lila Bloom, Funk Munks & Black Water @ Herman's Hideaway

Wow, all this is on a Thursday night. Looks like everyone has officially recovered from UMS. Now it's time for recommendations. I will personally be at the Weird Al show tomorrow night, but if he isn't your thing then had on down to Moe's to check out Frogs Gone Fishing. My good friends at Evergroove studio just got their CD completed and tell me that it's damn good. I'm looking forward to hearing more about the show myself.

Just a heads up, there may not be an update tomorrow with who's around town due to not being home but I will do my best.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Around town 7/28

New Pornographers @ Ogden
Black Mountain, Spindrift @ Bluebird
Lady Gaga @ Pepsi Center
Happy Birthday w/ Residual Echoes, Lust-Cats of the Gutters @ Hi- Dive
Achille Lauro w/Where Astronauts Go To Hide @ Larimer Lounge
Cynic w/ Intronaut, Dysrhythmia @ Marquis
Tantric, Burn Halo and Adema @ Grizzly Rose
Mary Chapin Carpenter w/ Dar Williams @ Denver Botanic Gardens
Denver Joe & The Saddle Tramps @ Benders
Mincemeat Or Tenspeed, Nero's Day At Disneyland @ Rhinoceropolis
New Talent Showcase feat: Fresh Hops, Mother of Pearl,Medicine Jones @ Hermans Hideaway
Bonnie & Her Clydes, Todd Helvig, The Dowry @ Meadowlark
Feel Never Real w/ Signum A.D. @ Walnut Room
The Stone River Boys w/ Ethyl & The Regulars @ Soiled Dove
Inter Arma w/ Steel Blades Of Vengeance, Bastard Sapling @ 3 Kings
Mama's Love w/ Farewell Drifters @ Cervantes

My recommendation of the day is to hit up Hermans Hideaway to check out Medicine Jones. They are a great mixture of rock, blues, and funk with probably one of the best guitarists in the city. You may have seen their tickets at the beer tent at the Goodwill stage at UMS, I really hope you had a chance to grab one. It's definitely worth it.

Monday, July 26, 2010

UMS Review

This weekend was the granddaddy of all Denver Festivals. I'm talking about the Denver Post Underground Music Showcase, or UMS for short. The festival itself was 4 days long, but I only made it to the last three days. While the entire weekend was incredible to say the least, here are some of the best memories I took away from the weekend.

I kicked off the weekend with a set by Speakeasy Tiger. I had seen them last year before they had to audition a new lead singer. I have to say, while the old singer was awesome...the new singer was awesome. They had the crowd dancing around, and even gave away CDs to people. This band is on the verge of getting big and I wish nothing but success for them.

Next up was the overhyped Danielle Ate The Sandwich. I have one word to describe her. Boring.

We ended up spending some time at the Irish Rover where they had phenomenal band after phenomenal band. Seriously, that was the place to be on Friday. I actually walked away with a band that I think everyone needs to see. Hoots and Hellmouth. They are an Americana band that mixes country, soul, and even a bit of gospel. These guys were so much fun I had to buy their CD, and the guys in the band that I talked to were super cool. They are currently doing a national tour so check them out.
Another great band I had the chance to see was the Polkanauts. Talk about a lot of fun. This year they made Slayer into Polka, and brought out an 8 foot mascot called Death. I couldn't believe how packed that place was and how many people were dancing. Last year there was only myself and maybe one other person dancing and this year I would say around 20 people were dancing.

The Blackouts played a set at UMS on Sunday night and pretty much tore the roof off of the place. They sang original songs and a rocking cover of Bad Reputation. I'm thinking that song is the only cover song that lead singers of female punk bands want to do. Joan Jett would be proud. After hearing the Dollyrots screw it up on Thursday, it was good to hear the Blackouts do the original song justice. If you missed them, they have a show coming up at 3 Kings very soon. Go see them.

Another great set was by the one and only Magic Cyclops. I've seen him in the past do a DJ set, but never actually perform. He was spot on with his mocking of everyone. He called a homeless guy Dad, stopped the show while a group of people with no wristbands walked by shouting, we aren't giving this away for free. That's $20. At one point he even yelled at someone for parking somewhere that they weren't supposed to park. The entire audience laughed for the whole thing. He is a one of a kind act. Check him out when you can.

The New Ben Franklins played a set early on Sunday. After the terrible sound from the previous band, it was good to see the sound guy redeemed himself a set later. NBF were at their best I think and played a similar set that they played a week ago at Larimer Lounge. These are another great group of guys that I focused earlier in the week. They did not disappoint anyone once again.

Also on the bill was King for a Day. While they sounded good, the sound was all fucked up at the venue they got screwed into playing. Rock The Cradle was not made for sound at all and it was evident for the whole set. Simon could not hear himself in the monitors, the sound bled into the walls and the vocals weren't clear. The only thing that actually sounded decent was Johns drumming. I love these guys to death, but this was honestly their worst performance I've ever seen and the venue is all to blame. I feel bad for any band that had to play there.

Finally, the Mighty 18 Wheeler was also there this weekend. There was a reason they were listed as one of the 5 bands you must see. They were loud, there were wardrobe changes, and Goose even crawled up on the bar and played on the bar for a bit. The energy in that place was pretty awesome, and I did not see a single bored person in the crowd. Whether you are a fan of the music or not, stage presence goes a long way for entertainment and these guys have it. Next time they play, do yourself a favor and check these guys out, but before you go you should call your plastic surgeon. Your face just might melt off.

All in all, the UMS had something for everyone. This year included wrestling, burlesque, a polka band, some folk music, country, rock,comedy, and even bands that kind of had a jam band feel. While some places were made for music, there were some places that the sound was so terrible the bands may have not even played there at all. Rock The Cradle was one of those venues. There were even times at Irish Rover, and Skylark that I was thinking that the mics needed to be turned up, or the guitars be turned down just a bit.

On a couple of non music items at the festival, I do have to give a shout out to Biker Jim who had the best hot dogs in the world. It's not your regular hot dog, they featured Reindeer, Buffalo, Elk, and Wild Boar. Every last dog I had (and I think between Candie and I we had them all) was delicious. Also, the drink prices over by the Goodwill stage were super cheap. $2.50 to $4 for a beer and $3.50 for a vodka Redbull. Prices that cheap at a festival are unheard of. My hats off to the promoters and the sponsors ensuring everyone had a great time. I can't wait to do this again next year.

Review of Bowling for Soup show

On Thursday night, I had the displeasure of heading to the Marquis for the following bands: Golden Ticket, Skyfox, Dollyrots, and Bowling for Soup. First things first, the Marquis is a shitty venue. They don't understand that you need to open up will call more than 30 minutes before the show or you get a giant clusterfuck. Lets not even talk about the heat in the Marquis once we got inside. The AC units were near the restroom and nowhere near where the majority of the people stood, which means you sweat like mad. Also, they don't believe in serving cold water. Every bottle bought was bath temperature. Disgusting.

After we got settled in and realized we were in Dante's Inferno for the next few hours, we were tortured by the sound of Golden Ticket. Now, I'm going to cut them a little slack because they appeared to be in High School. Listening to them was like getting kicked in the balls repeatedly while you are literally on fire. To say that these kids should go back and learn how to play better is an understatement. They need to earn the right to play a stage like that and not have it handed to them. Until they can afford vowels on their T shirts, I never want to hear them again. Even then may be too soon.

Next up was Skyfox. Apparently this band is signed to the same label is Bowling for Soup so they tour together all the time. This sucks for the audience. I do have to say though, as proof that people love shitty music the crowd really dug them. The crowd was also filled with people between the ages of 12 and 17 too, so their tastes really don't count for much. While Skyfox had more talent than Golden Ticket, I'd personally rather have a yeast infection. Thankfully, they also played a 30 minute set so the torture wasn't long at all.

Once they were done, the Dollyrots took the stage. I had heard a lot of talk about how great they were so I was curious to check them out. They have a female lead singer and sing punk rock. If you are in Denver and want to see a band that can actually sing Bad Reputation and not sound miserable, check out the Blackouts at 3 Kings next week (I believe) If the Dollyrots ever come back to town, put your money away and save it for a painful medical procedure. You will get more pleasure that way.

After the suffering of three shitty openers was over, Bowling For Soup *finally* took the stage. Being leery of their ability to play after those three terrible bands, I was thankful to hear them coming out and kicking ass. They have some of the best stage presence I've seen for any band. Their guitarist is constantly making love to his guitar, while doing a ton of tricks with his picks and blowing kisses to the audience. At one point, the whole band stopped in the middle of a song to pose for pictures while Celebration played in the background. Between songs they cracked jokes about felching, their dicks, and any other random things that came to mind. I have to say that while their songs can be juvenile, they are a ton of fun. A word of advice, if you want to see them just get there really late so you miss the shitty openers they are infamous for having.

What's playing 7/27

Saint Elias, Trout, Omotai @ Old Curtis St
Fuel w/ Random Hero, Take To The Oars @ Summit Music Hall
Black Velvet Tuesdays w/ discaire Rev, dj Matterall @ 3 Kings
IgniteDenver 7 @ Ogden
Alex Band of the Calling, Josiah Leming @ Bluebird
Sunday Girl, Scarlett Thorns, Night Lite Vandals @ Larimer Lounge
Fresh Hops w/ Jababa @ Cervantes

My personal recommendation would be to check out Sunday Girl at Larimer Lounge. They do a cover of the song Self Control originally done by Laura Branigan that is kind of interesting. There really isn't much for options again today since everyone is coming down from UMS. Things will pick up again by the end of the week, be sure of it.

What's going on tonight in Denver

Tonight is a pretty quiet night in music since everyone is recovering from the UMS. Stay tuned for my review later on about that one. If you are out tonight, you can see the following:
Silversun Pickups @ the Fillmore
Old 97's @ Gothic
Steele Blades of Vengeance at Old Curtis Street

Really nothing grabbing me tonight for music to recommend. Old 97's have a couple of catchy tunes and you can get tickets for a reasonable price. If all else fails, it's Panties at the Bar night from Ooh La La Burlesque at 3 Kings. That's always a fun time too.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

No updates until the weekend.

Hello fellow music fans, I just wanted to give you all a heads up that I will not have any time to update until Saturday at the soonest, though it could be Sunday due to UMS and Bowling for Soup. Lucky for you all, the most important event to know about this weekend IS the UMS. It's $40 for the weekend or $20 a day. It's a great deal for 315 bands. If you can't make it, I will be sure to update you all with the highlights of the weekend and tell you about my new favorite bands that I discovered this weekend. Plus, I will also review the Bowling for Soup show at the Marquis. If you make it to UMS, stop over at 3 Kings and say hi to the people working the Evergroove booth and buy them a drink. Tell them Jeremy sent you. Also, spend Sunday at the Skylark. I'll be there for a good portion of the day. Hope to see you all out there.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Review of Pat Benatar, Reo Speedwagon, and Edwin Mccain

Tonight I made it up to Red Rocks for the annual Kool concert. This year featured the likes of Reo Speedwagon, Pat Benatar, with opener Edwin Mccain.

Edwin Mccain took the stage at 730 and didn't stop sucking until about 30 minutes later. He played the songs you knew he would play such as I'll Be and I Could Not Ask For More. He struggled to hit some of the higher notes in his songs and told stories that weren't funny. The 30 minutes felt more like 2 hours. I'm pretty sure everyone was happy when he said it was his last song, but can't be too certain.

After the terrible performance by the talentless one, it was time for Pat Benatar....or so we thought. The music between sets was from an old radio show right when High Infidelity was about to drop. The DJ was talking about Mtv just hitting the air, and an interview with Kevin of Reo Speedwagon. After a few songs played, Kevin called the station and told the DJ that he was so confident about the music that he could drop the needle anywhere and play the whole thing. At that moment, Reo Speedwagon took the stage and performed the entire album. They didn't stop there, they also threw in some history of what was going on after High Infidelity and talked about Live Aid and what song was number 1 at that time for them. They played I Can't Fight This Feeling at that point. They played for about another 45 minutes after that and closed with Riding The Storm Out. I do have to say one thing, these guys have been playing since 1971 and were running around like they just started a few years ago. The entire band was energetic the entire set. It seriously makes me happy to see people at the age of retirement with so much energy. The sound during a few of the songs seemed to fade in and out, but it was corrected quickly.

After Reo Speedwagon came Pat Benatar. I considered seeing her last year when she played at the Gothic but skipped it because the tickets were what I thought was a lot for just her. I regret that decision after tonight. I forgot about 10 songs that she played. It really felt like every time she would sing a new song I would say Oh yeah, I love that song. She played for about 90 minutes as well covering every last hit she has had, closing with Heartbreaker.

The crowd here was simply amazing. There were so many people of all ages dancing all night long. Even while we were leaving people were friendly and actually let people merge which made it easy to leave. All in all, this was money well spent. Maybe next time they stick to the two main headliners and not have a shitty opening act.

Around town 7-22 through 7-25 and why Mighty 18 Wheeler is a must

Ignore the fact that String Cheese Incident is playing a 3 night stand at Red Rocks starting on Friday, or the fact Bowling For Soup is playing at the Marquis tomorrow night....the only thing you need to know is UMS runs from Thursday through Sunday. It will be THE place to be this weekend. That's my recommendation, though I will be at Bowling for Soup on Thursday. Blasphemy I know.

It's obvious what my recommendation for the weekend is. Other than what I've posted for UMS bands, the place to be is Skylark on Sunday. The line up from open to close is top notch and the 2nd to last band is The Mighty 18 Wheeler. They are a throwback to the old days of Iggy Pop and the Stooges, Alice Cooper, and David Bowie. If you have bought your UMS tickets, and I know you not miss this show. They promise to melt your face.

UMS Featured Bands,

As if you need more resson to go to the UMS this weekend, I'm throwing three more at you. The Knew, Danielle Ate The Sandwich, and Speakeasy Tiger. These are three bands that are at the cutting edge of making it huge. The Knew has recently played South By Southwest as well as some shows in New York, Speakeasy Tiger earned a slot on Warped Tour, and Danielle Ate The Sandwich is creating that buzz nationally via the internet that most people only dream of having. See them now while they are all affordable so you can tell your friends that you saw them play a small bar before they got big. It's a great feeling. Here is when you can check them out.

The Knew Friday @ Hi-Dive. 10 PM
Danielle Ate The Sandwich Friday @ Goodwill Parking lot 645pm
Speakeasy Tiger Friday @ Car Toys Stage at Goodwill 6pm

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

UMS Featured Band- Polkanauts

What kind of music are they? As the name of the band says, it's polka. They are heavily influenced by all the polka legends, including Frankie Yankovic

Why should you see them? If you enjoy accordians with your rock and roll, you will enjoy Polkanauts. Not only do they do classic polka songs like Too Fat Polka and Beer Barrel Polka, they also cover songs like Ventura Highway.

What makes the Polkanauts stand out over other bands?. Quick, name one other polka band in Denver. Can't do it? This is why they stand out. Oh, it also helps that they perform in Nasa space suits.

Do they have merch to buy? They have all the merch you would expect from a band. Shirts, CDs, and stickers.

When can you see them? Polkanauts have not one but 2 shows at UMS. You can catch them July 24th at Irish Rover at 830PM and then again the next day at Club 404 at 3PM. Be sure to polka your ass off. I saw them last year at UMS and had more fun than I had anticipated.

UMS Featured Band- King For A Day

UMS starts this Thursday. Have you bought your wristband yet? Still looking for a reason to go? There are 315 reasons to go, but I am going to showcase only a few of the artists the next couple of days. Today's band is King For A Day

What kind of music are they? King for a Day is Brit pop at its finest. They are influenced by the Beatles, I Am Klute, Oasis, and Rolling Stones.

Why should you see them? Simon is one of the better songwriters in Denver with credentials straight from England. Whether you are listening to a song about the weight of the world, waking up and greeting the day, looking forward to summer, or just rising above it all, they keep the energy going from start to finish. This is seriously my favorite band in Denver. Someone get them a record contract immediately.

What makes King for a Day stand out over other bands? Catchy lyrics, a beat you can dance to, and someone singing that is from England. Plus, one of these shows, Simon will pull out a Sitar. We also can't forget about the rest of the band. Goose is the baddest mofo on bass, John bangs the drums harder than Ron Jeremy in a gang bang, and Vic works the feedback better than anyone I know. As far as the average life of a local band, these guys are the seasoned vets on the scene and it shows with the tight playing of all of them. Really, go see them.

Do they have merch to buy? You can pick up several CDs from their catalog at the show, plus Tshirts as well. There are usually pins and stickers for free

When are they playing? They play at the Brown Barrel Saturday at 11PM Get your wristband now at for only $30. Do it now before the price goes up on Thursday.

Around town 7/21

REO Speedwagon, Pat Benatar, Edwin McCain @ Red Rocks
Lords of Acid, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult @ Ogden
Neon Trees, Civil Twilight, Paper Tongues, Pacific Hurt@ Bluebird
Borgore, The Gaslamp Killer, Starkey w/ Budros Gali, ServOne @ Gothic
Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside w/ Drunk On Crutches,Denver Joe & The Saddle Tramps @Benders
Pepper Rabbit w/ the Gypsy Cab Co, Lady Parts @Hi-Dive
Time (Calm.) w/ Moka Only, Ceschi, Factor @Larimer Lounge
Authority Zero w/ Whole Wheat Bread, Lionize@ Marquis
Buck Wild w/ Voodoo Stingray @ 3 Kings
Monsters Scare You! & A Shattered Hope w/ Our Only Escape, Lucida Tela, Bridges Left Burning, Aim 2 Miss @ Cervantes
Thrash and Burn 2010 w/ Asking Alexandria, Born Of Osiris, Kittie, Stick To Your Guns, Impending Doom, Through The Eyes Of The Dead, Greeley Estates, Periphery, Motionless In White, Chelsea Grin @ Summit Music Hall
Girl Wreck Presents: Perfect Future @ Lions Lair
New Talent Showcase ft: Shooting Down Satellites, Rocky Mountain Arsenal, Brock Gleeson Band, Wizards of Whack & The Express @ Hermans Hideaway
Tall Tall Trees w/ The Bloodroots Barter @Cervantes Other Side

I will personally be at the REO Speedwagon show tomorrow which I'm excited for. It's a ton of great songs that everyone knows at one of the greatest venues on the planet. Though, I have to admit that my personal recommendation for tomorrow is Lords of Acid. They rarely tour and their beats will get you hotter than a nymphomaniac at a sex party. With great songs like I Sit On Acid, Rough Sex, and We Must Increase Our Bust, it will be a show that shouldn't be missed by anyone. If only we weren't going to be at Red Rocks. If you go to Lords of Acid, let me know how it was.

Don't forget, tomorrow is also the last day to buy tickets for UMS for $30, the greatest independent music festival in Denver. All of the best local talent is waiting until then to play.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Denver Post Underground Music Showcase Featured Artist

UMS starts this Thursday. Have you bought your wristband yet? Still looking for a reason to go? There are 315 reasons to go, but I am going to showcase only a few of the artists the next couple of days. Today's band is The New Ben Franklins

What kind of music are they? New Ben Franklins are an alt-country band that have strong influences from the outlaw country sounds of Hank Williams, Waylon Jennings, and Johnny Cash.

Why should you see them? Whether they are doing a cover of Long Black Veil, a song dedicated to David DeVoe's mother, or music about being miserable, they will have you dancing for the entire set.

What makes New Ben Franklin's stand out over other bands? Tom Oberheide's amazing Steel Guitar and Banjo skills. Tom brings a uniqueness to the New Ben Franklins that cannot be matched by any other alt-country band on the scene. He wails on the steel guitar. I am a huge fan of his playing style.

Do they have merch to buy? You can pick up the latest CD "Stealing Your Happy" as well as Tshirts and hoodies.

When are they playing? They play at the Skylark on Sunday at 4pm. Get your wristband now at for only $30

Around town 7/20

Need something to do tomorrow night? There is a ton of things to choose from.
Kings of Leon @ Fiddlers Green
Jonny Lang w/ Moreland & Arbuckle @Gothic
311, Offspring, and Pepper @ Red Rocks
Here We Go Magic w/ Beach Fossils,Fellow Citizens, Army of Summer @Hi-Dive
Black Cobra, Howl, Adai, East of the Wall @ Larimer Lounge
Thriving Ivory w/ Politic @ Walnut Room
Crunchy Western Boys w/ Michael Adam @ Cervantes
Carbon Leaf, Brandon Stanley @ Bluebird

With a majority of the local bands gearing up for UMS this weekend, your best bet for a great show is at The Gothic. Johnny Lang is a phenomenal guitarist. If you don't remember who he is, go to Youtube and check out his song Lie To Me. You will be glad you did.

Blues not your thing? My other recommendation is Offspring and Pepper. I would leave when 311 comes on though, unless you want to hear 90 minutes of every song sounding identical.

Welcome to Music A Mile High

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