Tuesday, July 20, 2010

UMS Featured Band- Polkanauts

What kind of music are they? As the name of the band says, it's polka. They are heavily influenced by all the polka legends, including Frankie Yankovic

Why should you see them? If you enjoy accordians with your rock and roll, you will enjoy Polkanauts. Not only do they do classic polka songs like Too Fat Polka and Beer Barrel Polka, they also cover songs like Ventura Highway.

What makes the Polkanauts stand out over other bands?. Quick, name one other polka band in Denver. Can't do it? This is why they stand out. Oh, it also helps that they perform in Nasa space suits.

Do they have merch to buy? They have all the merch you would expect from a band. Shirts, CDs, and stickers.

When can you see them? Polkanauts have not one but 2 shows at UMS. You can catch them July 24th at Irish Rover at 830PM and then again the next day at Club 404 at 3PM. Be sure to polka your ass off. I saw them last year at UMS and had more fun than I had anticipated.

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