Wednesday, July 21, 2010

UMS Featured Bands,

As if you need more resson to go to the UMS this weekend, I'm throwing three more at you. The Knew, Danielle Ate The Sandwich, and Speakeasy Tiger. These are three bands that are at the cutting edge of making it huge. The Knew has recently played South By Southwest as well as some shows in New York, Speakeasy Tiger earned a slot on Warped Tour, and Danielle Ate The Sandwich is creating that buzz nationally via the internet that most people only dream of having. See them now while they are all affordable so you can tell your friends that you saw them play a small bar before they got big. It's a great feeling. Here is when you can check them out.

The Knew Friday @ Hi-Dive. 10 PM
Danielle Ate The Sandwich Friday @ Goodwill Parking lot 645pm
Speakeasy Tiger Friday @ Car Toys Stage at Goodwill 6pm

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