Tuesday, July 20, 2010

UMS Featured Band- King For A Day

UMS starts this Thursday. Have you bought your wristband yet? Still looking for a reason to go? There are 315 reasons to go, but I am going to showcase only a few of the artists the next couple of days. Today's band is King For A Day

What kind of music are they? King for a Day is Brit pop at its finest. They are influenced by the Beatles, I Am Klute, Oasis, and Rolling Stones.

Why should you see them? Simon is one of the better songwriters in Denver with credentials straight from England. Whether you are listening to a song about the weight of the world, waking up and greeting the day, looking forward to summer, or just rising above it all, they keep the energy going from start to finish. This is seriously my favorite band in Denver. Someone get them a record contract immediately.

What makes King for a Day stand out over other bands? Catchy lyrics, a beat you can dance to, and someone singing that is from England. Plus, one of these shows, Simon will pull out a Sitar. We also can't forget about the rest of the band. Goose is the baddest mofo on bass, John bangs the drums harder than Ron Jeremy in a gang bang, and Vic works the feedback better than anyone I know. As far as the average life of a local band, these guys are the seasoned vets on the scene and it shows with the tight playing of all of them. Really, go see them.

Do they have merch to buy? You can pick up several CDs from their catalog at the show, plus Tshirts as well. There are usually pins and stickers for free

When are they playing? They play at the Brown Barrel Saturday at 11PM Get your wristband now at theums.com for only $30. Do it now before the price goes up on Thursday.

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