Monday, July 26, 2010

What's playing 7/27

Saint Elias, Trout, Omotai @ Old Curtis St
Fuel w/ Random Hero, Take To The Oars @ Summit Music Hall
Black Velvet Tuesdays w/ discaire Rev, dj Matterall @ 3 Kings
IgniteDenver 7 @ Ogden
Alex Band of the Calling, Josiah Leming @ Bluebird
Sunday Girl, Scarlett Thorns, Night Lite Vandals @ Larimer Lounge
Fresh Hops w/ Jababa @ Cervantes

My personal recommendation would be to check out Sunday Girl at Larimer Lounge. They do a cover of the song Self Control originally done by Laura Branigan that is kind of interesting. There really isn't much for options again today since everyone is coming down from UMS. Things will pick up again by the end of the week, be sure of it.

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