Monday, July 26, 2010

Review of Bowling for Soup show

On Thursday night, I had the displeasure of heading to the Marquis for the following bands: Golden Ticket, Skyfox, Dollyrots, and Bowling for Soup. First things first, the Marquis is a shitty venue. They don't understand that you need to open up will call more than 30 minutes before the show or you get a giant clusterfuck. Lets not even talk about the heat in the Marquis once we got inside. The AC units were near the restroom and nowhere near where the majority of the people stood, which means you sweat like mad. Also, they don't believe in serving cold water. Every bottle bought was bath temperature. Disgusting.

After we got settled in and realized we were in Dante's Inferno for the next few hours, we were tortured by the sound of Golden Ticket. Now, I'm going to cut them a little slack because they appeared to be in High School. Listening to them was like getting kicked in the balls repeatedly while you are literally on fire. To say that these kids should go back and learn how to play better is an understatement. They need to earn the right to play a stage like that and not have it handed to them. Until they can afford vowels on their T shirts, I never want to hear them again. Even then may be too soon.

Next up was Skyfox. Apparently this band is signed to the same label is Bowling for Soup so they tour together all the time. This sucks for the audience. I do have to say though, as proof that people love shitty music the crowd really dug them. The crowd was also filled with people between the ages of 12 and 17 too, so their tastes really don't count for much. While Skyfox had more talent than Golden Ticket, I'd personally rather have a yeast infection. Thankfully, they also played a 30 minute set so the torture wasn't long at all.

Once they were done, the Dollyrots took the stage. I had heard a lot of talk about how great they were so I was curious to check them out. They have a female lead singer and sing punk rock. If you are in Denver and want to see a band that can actually sing Bad Reputation and not sound miserable, check out the Blackouts at 3 Kings next week (I believe) If the Dollyrots ever come back to town, put your money away and save it for a painful medical procedure. You will get more pleasure that way.

After the suffering of three shitty openers was over, Bowling For Soup *finally* took the stage. Being leery of their ability to play after those three terrible bands, I was thankful to hear them coming out and kicking ass. They have some of the best stage presence I've seen for any band. Their guitarist is constantly making love to his guitar, while doing a ton of tricks with his picks and blowing kisses to the audience. At one point, the whole band stopped in the middle of a song to pose for pictures while Celebration played in the background. Between songs they cracked jokes about felching, their dicks, and any other random things that came to mind. I have to say that while their songs can be juvenile, they are a ton of fun. A word of advice, if you want to see them just get there really late so you miss the shitty openers they are infamous for having.

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