Friday, August 12, 2011

Johnny Cash Tribute Show

Please come out to the Johnny Cash tribute show on September 9th at Moe's BBQ and Bowl next to the Gothic theater. It will feature Brent Loveday of Reno Divorce, New Ben Franklins, and Demon Funkies. This is some of the top talent in Denver and surely not a night to be missed. It's only $8.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Changing some of the focus

I still love music. If you have a CD and would like it reviewed, please contact me and I'll make sure I review your CD right here.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Amy Winehouse dead

You know, drugs are bad. I only wish that this was Lady Gaga and not Amy Winehouse. Winehouse at least had some talent.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Lukas Nelson and the Promise of the Real

I just got back from the Lukas Nelson show at Larimer Lounge and damn, that will be a hard show to beat this year. I first heard of Lukas Nelson a couple of years ago at Farm Aid. He was one of several bands that played and went on really early in the day. When he was introduced, Willie Nelson said that his son was going to play. My first thought was oh great, he got the gig because of his Dad and now we get to listen to some bullshit. Then he started to sing and play guitar. My jaw dropped and I became an instant fan. Lukas steals from blues, rock, reggae, and country. You can tell he has been influenced and taught to play by some of the greatest musicians ever. He rocked the Larimer for over two hours playing original songs and threw in a few covers of Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, and Neil Young. The percussion was some of the best percussion I've seen in a long time. Their drummer even got rid of his sticks at one point and played his drums by hand. One thing that I was impressed with was the sound. Larimer Lounge is infamous for shitty sound and it was obvious that you can't do that to the son of a living legend. The sound was perfect. After the show I got to meet Lukas and was pleased to see that he is as humble as can be. He loves what he does and feels honored that people come to see him play. What a true gentleman. He is about to play a show in Colorado Springs tomorrow at Studio Bee and the following night in Durango at the Abbey theater. If you have time to get to one of those shows, I highly recommend that you do it. Watching him headline is an absolute treat.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Still around

Hey everyone,

I am sorry I haven't been posting here very often. Life has been busy and I have been involved in lots of other things. While I readjust my schedule, tell me what show you are most looking forward to seeing this summer. There are going to be lots of them. Personally, I'm looking forward to Mumford and Sons, Peter Gabriel, U2, and Def Leppard with Heart. I'd also love to hit one of the DMB Caravans going on around the country. Your turn.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Around town tonight and tomorrow

Alright, just the highlights for tonight and tomorrow. I'm personally going to be at the Hi-Dive for the New Ben Franklins CD release show, but there is plenty of other great music around town too. Also check out Young Dubliners at Soiled Dove, String Cheese Incident at 1st Bank Center, The Head and the Heart at Moe's, and the Indulgers at Scruffy Murphys.

Tomorrow night I will personally be at Toad Tavern for Bonnie Situation and Hot Gun. If you don't want to go there, check out Slim Cessna's Auto Club at Gothic, The Polkanauts at the Irish Rover, String Cheese Incident at 1st Bank Center, Indulgers at Fado Irish Pub, or Jim Mcturnan and the Kids that Killed the Man at Hi-Dive.

Sorry I've been absent, working full time again has been a huge adjustment.

Lords of Acid

Wednesday night I headed to Summit Music Hall for the Lords of Acid show (see pictures on my Facebook page) and was treated to an incredible show. Opening the show was Radical G and Anglespit. Awesome G was far from radical, in fact he is argument 1 for why you should never pay top dollar to see a DJ. They have nothing to truly offer except some flashing lights and a computer playing shit you could play at home if you wanted to. There was nothing even remotely good about his set except for him ending. He was complete shit. Skip him at all costs. If you are going to see Lords of Acid later in the tour, go late enough to miss him.

Up next was Anglespit. This is a british band made up of a young man and woman who basically have preprogrammed music that they sing over as well. While they did not play instruments, I will not categorize this as a DJ set. They actually moved around the stage, sung, danced, and got the crowd energized. Most of their songs sounded a bit like white goths trying to rap over an industrial beat, but they were entertaining. I would never personally buy their CDs but they were good for an opener. Nothing incredibly special.

Finally it was time for Lords of Acid. I've been wanting to see them for years but it just hadn't worked out for me. Needless to say, they did not disappoint. They opened up with Drink My Honey which showcased the bands talent in an instrumental. I have to say, I absolutely love their bassist. You could tell he really enjoyed playing to the crowd. He was constantly posing, making faces, and getting as close to the crowd as he could. He was hard to not watch. After Drink My Honey, DJ Mea made her entrance for Stripper. Wearing a leather catsuit, she demanded everyone's attention or you would probably get a spanking. From there the show was filled with sexual overtones and outright sexual music. The setlist included some of their biggest songs like Pussy, Voodoo U, Crablouse, Rough Sex, and I Sit on Acid. They also played a new song called Bunny Vibrator, where DJ Mea brought her bunny vibrator out onstage and got a bit dirty with it. The energy was incredibly high, the crowd was really great, and the setlist was rocking. There was not a slow moment in their show and they played two encores. Check them out on tour if you can.


Drink My Honey
Scrood Bi U
Rubber Doll
Fingerlickin' Good
Squirt Song
Rough Sex
Take Control
Spank My Booty
(A Treatise on the Practical Methods Whereby One Can) Worship the Lords
Get Up. Get High
The Most Wonderful Girl
Let's Get High
I Sit On Acid
# Encore:
Bunny Vibrator
The Crab Louse
# Encore 2:
Sex Bomb
LSD = Truth

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What's happening this Wednesday?

Tomorrow is hump day and this week is looking rather lame so far (other than Dropkick Murphys tonight) Oh well, what can you do? I know you are ready to do something fun, so here are your weak options for tomorrow.

Deicide, Belphegor, Blackguard, Neuraxis, Pathology @Bluebird

Trey Anastasio @Ogden

Belle Brigade w/ Land Lines (members of Matson Jones), Bare Bones @Hi-Dive

MartyParty, Opiuo, Freq Nasty w/ Frequent C & Dave Seied@Cervantes

GLASSJAW @Summit Music Hall

Bill McKay of Leftover Salmon @Ziggies

The Canopy, Places, LOOK! Our Hero, Black Rainbow, Trust No One @Herman's Hideaway

Ok, so there are a couple worthy things to seek out tomorrow. Trey Anastasio would be awesome if he wasn't sold out. Bill McKay would probably be a fun night too. From what I hear, it's the original line up of Glassjaw if that means anything. If all of this looks bleak to you, you could always I don't know, watch street performers somewhere.

Highlights for the rest of the week.

Thursday Jeff Austin and Friends at Boulder Theater

Friday- Hotgun and Landgrabbers at Lion's Lair, Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band @Oriental

Saturday Legendary River Drifters @Larimer Lounge, Reckless Red at Chapultepec too.

Some good stuff coming up, lots of not so good stuff coming up. What can you do? It's a quiet weekend and perfect for me to escape to LA for a day or two. Don't be jealous. Until next time....have fun.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Slacking and what's around town for a Tuesday

Alright, I took most of last week off from the blog just to chill out, relax, and enjoy some quality time with my woman. I'm not mad for it. This week is going to be busy as well but I will do my best to keep everyone updated on what's good around this fair city. Let's start with Tuesday, shall we?

Octopus Project w/ Le Divorce, Force Publique @Hi-Dive

Dropkick Murphys @Fillmore

The Indulgers @Katie Mullens

The Coronas, Young Cities @Larimer Lounge

It's a short list but it has Dropkick Murphy's on it. I love these guys. I've seen them twice and they don't disappoint. Get your St. Patrick's Day on early with this one. You will be glad you did.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Around town Tuesday and what to watch out for later in the week

Alright, it's time for another Tuesday and another normally slow day in music. No worries, there is still a show or two to make it to. Also, I have decided to start letting people know of the big shows coming up in the week to give them more time to prepare. Also, please start recommending this site to everyone. If I get enough people to follow, I will work out agreements to get people free tickets to shows. Anything to make you all interested. :)Anyway, here is what's going on tomorrow.

Swans w/ Wooden Wand @Summit Music Hall

Del Tha Funky Homosapien & Ugly Duckling @ Fox Theater

One Night of Queen @Bluebird

The Mighty Jivesters host Jump, Blues, Swing open jam@ ziggies

Free The Girls@ Gothic Theater

Offcolor, Pierce Murphy Trio, Blue Collar Dog, Bowline on a Bight @Larimer Lounge


While there isn't a lot to choose from, you have Swans and One Night of Queen to choose from. If tickets weren't $30 for a cover band, I'd be all over One Night of Queen myself, but that's a bit much for my blood. Swans are an excellent choice too. They are pretty mellow but still put on a good show, and they don't tour much so see them when you can.

Shows this week to look forward to:

Wednesday Aloft in the Sundry @Hard Rock

Thursday Devotchka @Fillmore

Friday Ryan Bingham and Dead Horses @Ogden, Truth and Salvage CO @Larimer Lounge, Yerkish @Gothic

Saturday Morcheeba @ Ogden, Ice Cube@ Boulder Theater, Git Some @Yellow Feather coffee, The Landgrabbers @3 Kings, Reckless Red @ Rusty Bucket

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lets kick off this week right

I just realized tomorrow is Presidents day and most of you don't have to work. It gives you one more opportunity to see a show before your weekend is over. Unfortunately, there isn't much to choose from. I'm still getting over this damn cold and still feel like ass so I'm giving the condensed version. Cage The Elephant is playing at Boulder Theater. I had a chance to see them at the Marquis and do karaoke with them (sort of, they were singing at the Ginn Mill after when I was) They are a lot of fun. Good luck getting tickets because because it's sold out. Scalpers will hook you up though. Other than that, there really isn't much going on tomorrow. I'm going to get more rest. Peace out.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Still sick, so another quick post today.

Alright, I know it's getting late and you are curious as to what to do tonight. I promise you that the options are pretty damned amazing for tonight. Here are the places you should hit up if you can.

Head to the Toad Tavern to see Mighty 18 Wheeler and Rubber Planet. Both of those bands are pretty damn solid and a good time live. Bring earplugs though, because 18 Wheeler is loud.

Maceo Parker at Cervantes. This guy has been around for years and is a funk master. He's had the honor of playing with some of the greatest musicians around and it will be a treat to see him play.

Damion Suomi and the Minor Prophets are playing at the Bluebird. I had the chance to see him play at Larimer Lounge last year and he made a night of bad music well worth it.

Willie Porter is playing at the Soiled Dove. Not familiar with his music? Go check out the song Angry Words on You Tube. I'll wait. Pretty fucking incredible isn't he? He's also from my home state so I give him mad props for making it in this industry.

Mountain Standard Time at the Fox. If you want a bit of jam grass, this is the place to be. They have worked hard on getting this CD ready and my good friends at Evergroove say that the CD is spectacular. They could use the support.

Black Lamb at Bender's. This venue is a bit loud but Black Lamb will make it worth the admission. It's the original line up too so get there early.

I am not sure if I am making it out tonight but you shouldn't stay home.

Tomorrow there is some stuff going on but not enough to make it worth going out. Unless I've overlooked stuff and that's a possibility. Anyone want to bring me some chicken noodle soup?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hooray for the weekend

The weekend is upon us and I have come down with something. That means my fun time will be very limited, if anything at all. Life sucks, but I'd rather be healthy. There is a lot going on tomorrow but only a few shows worthy of your ticket price. Here are the highlights. I'm feeling too shitty to go into great details.

Legendary River Drifters are playing at the Hi-Dive. I got to see them last year and they were pretty damn incredible. It's definitely one to put on the priority list.

My friends in Medicine Jones play at Herman's Hideaway as well. They go on early so it's possible to knock out them and LRD in one night. Think about it.

Sunday Girl is playing out at the Toad Tavern. I've heard their stuff and I can honestly say I'm a fan of them. Littleton isn't that far either. You owe it to yourself, in fact you can spend Friday AND Saturday there if you know what's good for you.

Mountain Standard Time is playing at Cervantes and I've heard nothing but good about them from the guys at Evergroove.

That's all I've got in me today. Hopefully I'll feel well enough to go out tomorrow, but if not please drink a couple for me.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thursday already?? Where did this week go?

I'm losing track of my days. This work thing is for the birds but a necessity. I am looking forward to getting out to see more great music this weekend. While Friday is still a couple days away, this is what is going on tomorrow night.

Pete Yorn, Ben Kweller, the Wellspring @Ogden

Juno What?! @ Fox Theater

Thrifty Astronaut, Otem Rellik, Galaxies, and All Liver No Onions @Meadowlark


Parkway Drive w/ Set Your Goals, The Ghost Inside, The Warriors @Gothic

TIN HORN PRAYER w/ Arliss Nancy, The Namesakes, The Black Dots @Marquis

Marcus Church & the Levels, Cardinal Grey w/ the Madhouse Act @Hi-Dive

Octopus Nebula w/ James and the Devil, Gravity, Dorian Vibe, Chimney Choir @Oriental

1999 - A Tribute To Prince w/ Divine & The Smooth Criminals (Michael Jackson Tribute) @Cervantes

Johnny O @ziggies

Seeds Of Descent w/ Alabama Lie Detector, The Porcelain Dolls, & Core Zero @Herman's Hideaway

Joy Subtraction / Acid Sundae / Bully The Kid @Lion's Lair

Did you see there was a Prince Tribute with a Michael Jackson tribute opening? Check that shit out for real and then get back to me about who the true king of pop is. I've been saying for years that Prince won that crown but you may feel differently. Make your argument. Tell me a better album than Purple Rain that Michael Jackson put out. I dare you. Thriller? It was good but there were a couple questionable songs on there. Go make the comparison now please. (Well, tomorrow night actually) Alright, I think I'm going to make cookies. Have fun out there.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Around town Tuesday

It's another slow day in music and I've been busy so I'll give you the quick highlight. Monroe Monroe is playing at Soiled Dove and Sarah Mclachlan is playing at Paramount. Go see Monroe Monroe, you will get more for your money.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Concert reviews up the ass.....

Alright, I promised I would review some shows this weekend and am finally getting around to it. I've been busy honestly. Last weekend I was at George Clinton and Moe., while this weekend I made it to see All Capitals, Oak Creek, Fishbone, Hot Gun, Bonnie Situation, Lola Black, and Reno Divorce. I told you I was busy. Let's get down to business.

George Clinton at the Fillmore

It's only February and I think I may have the candidate for worst show of the year. You may think you are reading this wrong but you aren't. George Clinton is terrible in concert. He might have been good 20 years ago but now it's nothing but bullshit. First off, he no longer has his signature dreads. What the hell is up with that? No one recognized him. I didn't actually believe he made it on stage until I saw a current picture of him. (check out my page on Facebook, musicamilehigh, so you can see the pictures yourself) At one point in the evening they ended up doing a cover of that horrible rap song by Little John, to the window to the wall, till the sweat drips down my balls. Yes, that was covered and I have no idea why. Half the time George wasn't onstage and he had his band play random bullshit. They had a random pimp doing nothing onstage, a couple of hoe's and very little talent. I was never so excited to get out of a show in my life.

Moe. at Ogden

We made it to night 2 of Moe. at the Ogden and ended up having a blast. After the terrible show the night before, we were excited to hear something great. Moe took the stage around 930 and ended around 130 in the morning. Their first set was probably one of the most rocking sets by a jam band I've ever seen in my life, ending with 32 Things , which could easily be called 32 minutes because that's probably as long as they jammed that song out. During that particular jam, the violinist from Cornmeal joined them onstage and completely took that song to a whole new level. I'm nominating that song for a Jammie award. The second set was pretty mellow in comparison but they ended the set strong, making everyone want to dance more. Those cats had incredible energy all night and I'm glad we went to the second night and not the first night. They played a couple songs I just don't care for in the first night.

All Capitals @ Bender's

I had the chance on Friday to start out my night properly at Bender's where All Capitals were opening the night. I wasn't able to stay for the whole set because I had other places I had to be (more on that in a minute) but they played an excellent show. Their bassist played the entire night without a D string, making everything a bit tougher to play but he made it through the evening like a professional. I dug their new song a lot and it was a great way to slide into the night. My only complaint is a venue issue. Everything seems more amplified there than it needs to be and it sometimes drowns out some of the sound. It's been like that for every show I've ever seen there. It's still a million times better than Rockaway though.

Oak Creek @ Walnut Room

After All Capitals finished, I headed over to the Walnut Room for the CD Release show for Oak Creek. Having never heard them before, I was relying on my dear friend Brad Smalling of Evergroove Studios advice as a band I needed to see. Since he worked hard mixing their CD, I figured he knew their sound pretty well. I have to say I was glad I went. The song I listened to online initially didn't really grab me but I'm a firm believer that you need to see a band live to appreciate them. Those guys rocked the house. In the mix of their new songs, they covered Dreams by Fleetwood Mac and Oh Darling by the Beatles and both played to perfection. They have a folky acoustic sound with beautiful vocals and one of the best back up bands in Denver, that include members of Frogs Gone Fishin' and Yamn. There were a couple times I was convinced there was going to be an extended jam busting out and then it got brought back in to the song being played. If you get a chance to see them, do it. They could use the support.

Fishbone@ Cervantes

To end this awesome evening of rock I headed on down to Cervantes for Fishbone. This was a show that was just off the hook. They went on around midnight and ended at 220 AM. Keep in mind that bar close is 2AM. I missed a bit of the set but got there in time for Bonin' in the Boneyard. By the 4th song I was there for I had made my way to the very front of the stage directly in front of Trombone, their trombone player naturally. They rocked out Party at Ground Zero, Alcoholic, Date Rape, and several other songs and had everyone dancing. This was supposed to be an acoustic show but that never happened. I think by acoustic they meant Angelo wasn't going to Stage Dive at all. Rocky George was on fire too, shredding the guitar like he was a combination of Eddie Van Halen and Yngwie Malmsteen. This was the third time I've seen them and they had the highest energy I've ever seen them have. I was sad the night ended.

Hot Gun, Bonnie Situation, Lola Black, and Reno Divorce@ Herman's Hideaway

This was one show I had been excited for since the moment it was announced. I love Bonnie Situation and Reno Divorce. To see them on the same bill was a great experience. Candie had never seen either band before and was excited for Reno Divorce since she loves Social Distortion and has seen Brent solo in the past. I have to say, this show lived up to all expectations.

Hot Gun started the show out strong. While they sounded great, they managed to cover every band I do not care for too much. Squeeze, Thin Lizzy, meh. I understand why they are popular but they just don't do it for me. I'm in the minority but whatever. The important thing is they put on a great set and had one of the best cat suits I've ever seen anyone wear. They were a great start for the evening.

After Hot Gun, Bonnie Situation took the stage and played a great set. While there weren't many new songs from previous shows, they still threw in a surprise or two. They played tight covers of Anything, Anything by Dramarama and Hot Legs by Rod Stewart and teased Run To The Hills before going into a cover of Believe by Cher. Eventually after a verse and a half they went back to Run To The Hills creating probably one of the most unique mash ups I think I've ever heard. Great job guys. Once again they were awesome.

After that, it was Lola Black's turn to play. After some technical difficulties they started to annoy everyone at my table. Songs with a lot of screaming for no reason and the shittiest version of Beautiful People I've ever heard. I have heard better versions of that song at a karaoke bar. I don't get why these guys are popular but I was glad when it was all done. Worst part of the night for sure.

Finally Reno Divorce took the stage and pretty much killed it for the next hour. If you aren't familiar with their work, go grab yourself a Social Distortion record and play it. If you love it, then go to a Reno show. If you hate it, it's probably better that you don't show up. Brent prides himself at how much like Mike Ness he truly sounds like. (I don't even care if that sentence was structured wrong) Reno has a great following and I only expect bigger things from them soon now that they are playing Kegs and Eggs this year. This was seriously a great show all night minus Lola Black. Herman's had one of the biggest crowds I've ever seen, and the place stayed jumping all night. Incredible.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tonight tonight tonight

Alright, I got stuff I need to get done today but I wanted to let you know about a few of the great shows that are tonight. First off, at Herman's Hideaway you have Reno Divorce, Bonnie Situation, Lola Black, and Hotgun. All bands will be great. Next up we have New Ben Franklins doing the annual Waylon Jennings tribute at Moe's which was great last year and should be great again this year. 4H Royalty is playing that show with them. Also, it's night 2 of Further and I believe that is sold out so you already failed on seeing that if you don't have a ticket. I'm still recovering from an amazing night of music last night and will be in the mix tonight.

If you had a ticket for Led Zeppelin 2 that show has been canceled. See the box office for a full refund.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Friday time again

Sweet Baby Jesus it's time for another kick ass Friday night. I hope you got your rock and roll legs on, because it's going to be off the hook. I seriously can't wait to get the party started properly. Check out what's on tap for tomorrow night

Woodsman Record Release Party! With Vitamins & Milton Melvin Croissant III @Larimer

Grace Potter & the Nocturnals, Chamberlin @Ogden

Churchill w/ Glowing House, Places @Hi-Dive

Fishbone, P-Nuckle and Roster McCabe @Cervantes Other side

Umphrey's McGee with Kyle Hollingsworth Band featuring DJ Logic @Fillmore

Punch Brothers @Boulder Theater

Further @1st Bank Center

Iron Cross w/ Sons of Disobedience, Truckasaurus, Piss and Vinegar @3 Kings

Andy Frasco Band! @ Paris Wine Bar

ELUVEITIE w/ 3 Inches Of Blood, Holy Grail, System Divide @Marquis Theater

Oak Creek (CD Release) w/ The Crook's Coat, Bryan Rogers@ Walnut Room

Dead Orchids, Dr. Sunshine's X-Ray Machine w/ Dumb Angels and All Capitals @Benders

Pat Green@ Grizzly Rose

Indulgers @ Scruffy Murphys

Churchill with Glowing House and PLACES @1144 Broadway

Hurts To Laugh@ Lions Lair

Bearfoot w/ The Haunted Windchimes @ Oriental Theater

Ash Ganley and Jeff Finlin @Soiled Dove

Randall Dubis Band @Ziggies

My Orange Crush w/ I'm A Boy, The Vergers , Nipples and Dimes! @Herman's Hideaway

Stagga & Raiden w/ ServOne and Despise@ Cervantes

Afro-Zep & 56 Hope Road @Fox Theater

E.P.O. (Emergency Pullout) w/ The Mighty Small, Tommy & The High Pilots @ Moe's

Reckless Red @ Little Bear (Evergreen)

Damn, what an awesome night right there. Lets go right to the recommendations. Did you see? Fishbone is going to be in town tomorrow night. Motherfuckin Fishbone. These guys put on a high energy show and I can only imagine that this one will be just as great. If that doesn't do it for you, then head on down to the Walnut room and check out the CD release party of Oak Creek. The guys up at Evergroove worked their asses off getting this one ready. Want some rock? Check out All Capitals at Benders. They are some high energy fun and I promise a great time. In the mood for something more of a jam band? You have Umphree's McGee, and Further in town. Want some awesome bluegrass? Punch brothers are in town for that. If you want a great mix of blues and country with one of the most beautiful voices in the industry then head on up to Evergreen to the Little Bear for Reckless Red. If you sit at home tomorrow, you are probably lame with no friends and no taste in music. Kill yourself now.

Also, if you go to a show, email me a review and I'll post it. Until next time, have fun out there.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Around town Thursday

We are coming up on another weekend and yet again it will contain more great music than I know what to do with. Lets just get down to what's happening tomorrow night.

Tennis w/ the Shady Babes, Woodsman @ Hi-Dive

The Decemberists, Mountain Man @ Ogden

the Raven and the Writing Desk, w/ Caleb Slade, Alameda @Walnut Room

Hindershot / RECKLESS KNIGHTS, Blueberry Cake @3 Kings

Fairchildren, Sauna, Mirror Fears, Annah Anti-Palindrome @Dikeou Collection

Bobby Long, Dan Craig @ Bluebird

Bobby Long @Twist and Shout

NiT GriT w/ Jantsen, Skywalkerr, Tip-Z and Godlazer @Cervantes

Heighliner, Language of the Strange, Interstate Stash Express, Saturn Cowboys @ Larimer Lounge

CARAMEL CARMELA w/ Aim2Miss, The Shake-Up Brigade, The Field The Ocean @Marquis

Seek w/ Leah Druzinsky and Joey Genetti and the Galaxy Cookies @Cervantes Other side

The Radiators@ Fox Theater

Acoustic Heart Throb with Terry Gulley, Melissa Hession, Jeffrey Dallet @Ziggies

12th Planet w/ Skywalkerr, Godlazer, Tip-Z @Cervantes

Camp Kilroy/All Ages/Pete Stein @Lion's Lair

All Ages w/ The Hacks @Rockaway Tavern (double check with them though, seems like All Ages are double booked)

Honestly there isn't anything on this list that is grabbing me today. Take a shot and see whatever and then let me know. This weekend you will have a few reviews coming your way since I've been lazy and never reviewed the George Clinton or Moe. Show.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ozzy brings the thunder to the Pepsi Center

Tonight the Prince of Darkness and Slash played at the Pepsi Center and I was privileged enough to be there and I couldn't be happier. The whole experience of this show was great from the moment we parked until the very end of the show. We have our hidden parking spot that very few people park at and I will not disclose the location at all and headed on over to the Pepsi Center. We initially had nosebleed seats and were told when we got there that our seats had been upgraded due to not very many people buying that level. We moved to section 118. We headed in and got comfortable in our closer seats and awaited the lights to go out at 730, but as most shows seem to start late, this one started 10 minutes early. Bonus.

Slash opened up the show and I was excited. I've loved GnR since Appetite For Destruction came out and it was great to see him play again. When the show started, I found out that he was not the actual singer, but he kept doing what he does best and that's shred the guitar. The first few songs were new songs for his band and while they were good, they weren't doing it for me and it appeared most of the audience felt the same way. It wasn't until Night Train that the crowd started to get into this set. I don't know who the hell Slash got to sing for him, but damn did he do an awesome Axl impersonation. He had some of the swaying down, the high notes down perfectly, and created an illusion that this could have easily been GnR playing again. Not only did they play Night Train, they also played My Michelle, Rocket Queen, Paradise City, Sweet Child o Mine, and even Slither by Velvet Revolver. All through the set, Slash basically showed why he is one of the greatest guitarists of this generation. Axl better watch out, GnR is nothing without Slash and you could hear how much he brought to GnR just by the few original songs they did tonight.

After about an hour, it was Ozzy's turn to rock the Pepsi Center. When the lights went back out, they showed a little movie of random movie clips like Avatar, Jersey Shore, Hangover, Twilight, and Iron Man with each one having Ozzy inserting himself as a character. The best line of that whole skit was during the Twilight one where the chick in that says "I think you're a Vampire" to which Ozzy responded... "Vampire? Vampire's are pussies, I'm the Prince of Darkness" When Ozzy came out, he kicked off the show at a high level with Bark at the Moon. From there he jumped into the only new song in the setlist. Let Me Hear You Scream. While I'm not a fan of that song, everyone else seemed to love it. I have to say, I'm quite thankful that it was the only new song because his classics are some of the best rock and roll out there. At times, Ozzy looked like a special needs child on stage, waddling around like he normally does, dunking his head in buckets of water, waving his arms back and forth in an overly dramatic way to get the crowd going, and spraying them with the hose. Ozzy promised to play really long if we all got crazy so he topped off at around 95 minutes. I guess we weren't crazy enough for him. There were two things I was really glad to see make a comeback at this show. The first was heavy use of pyrotechnics, with the most beautiful of the fireworks coming right before Mr. Crowley as sparks rained down on the stage during the intro.... and people using lighters instead of their fucking cell phones during ballads. Sorry kids, but lighters look awesome, cell phones look dumb. This was my first and probably last time seeing Ozzy (since I'm sure this is his final tour, just a feeling) and he didn't let the fans down. There was a great mixture of Sabbath songs with a surprise appearance of Fairies Wear Boots, to his solo career. The only part that got a bit boring was the way too long guitar solo. It was cool, but dragged out for a bit too long. Here is the Setlist

Bark at the Moon
Let Me Hear You Scream
Mr. Crowley
I Don't Know
Fairies Wear Boots

Suicide Solution
Road to Nowhere
War Pigs

Shot in the Dark
Rat Salad .
(with Guitar and Drum solos)
Iron Man

I Don't Want to Change the World .
Crazy Train
14. Encore:
Mama, I'm Coming Home Play Video

Monday, February 7, 2011

A big Tuesday night coming up

Alright, this weekend was out of control and I was terrible about posting. You will have to cut me a bit of slack because I was celebrating the Packers winning the Superbowl. While I am a big fan of the mile high city and all the great music it has to offer, I was born a cheesehead and this was my Christmas. Trust me, you didn't miss shit yesterday or today anyway. One of the biggest shows of the week is tomorrow, so lets get right to it shall we?

Interpol @ Boulder Theater

Apex Manor w/ Amazing Twin, Van Louvin @ Hi-Dive

The Dead Kenny G's @ Fox Theater

Pearls for Breakfast, Midnight Suns, Guitarasaurus & Chordzilla @ Larimer Lounge

Ozzy Osbourne w/Slash @ Pepsi Center

There aren't a lot of shows tomorrow but both Interpol in Boulder and Ozzy at the Pepsi Center are two great choices. If you have never seen Ozzy, this could easily be his last visit to Denver to perform. He's old and has been threatening retirement every since No More Tears when he did his No More Tours tour, and a 14 month world tour is a good way to say farewell to the fans. I'll be there for sure. Other than those two shows, it's pretty quiet in Denver. If you don't want to go to any of these shows, then support your local musicians by heading down to the Bar Car on Colorado and get drinks served up properly by Goose and Darci of The Bonnie Situation. I promise you the drinks won't be weak.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Saturday night and no shortage of great music

While I'm sure most of you won't read this until tomorrow as you are already hitting the shows in the area or pre-partying if you are heading to places like the Fillmore who charge 12 bucks for beer, it's time to let you know where to go tomorrow. The cold snap has ended for the most part and there is no reason you shouldn't be out having a great time in this fine city. Check out what is going on tomorrow night.

Tin Horn Prayer Vinyl Release Party and Video Premier w/ The Knew, Arliss Nancy, I Am The Ocean @Hi-Dive

Warhawk & Hindershot @ The Squire

Princess Music w/ Fierce Bad Rabbit, the Sunshine House @ Walnut Room

Glass Delirium @ Bluebird

The Dendrites w/ The A-OKs, The Repercussions @ 3 Kings

Green River Vibe, Ghost Town Bandulu, Gypsy Fit@ Old Curtis Street

Amos Lee @ Boulder Theater

Nikol Werner CD Release show w/ Sarah Slaton & Taylor Sumner @ Mercury Cafe

moe. @ Ogden

Michal Menert w/ Mikey Thunder, Project Aspect, Abandoned Airwaves @ Cervantes

Reckless Red @ Olde Town Tavern

Synthetic Elements, Potato Pirates, Bullet Inc., The Toasting Game @Larimer Lounge

At The Front, Fears are Limits, Split Second Massacre, Crusher Bound Cadillac, In Element, Alabama Lie Detector, Red Tide Rising @ Gothic

Animus w/ Entelodont, Disaffected, Tragic Fixation @ Moe's

Kraddy @Fox Theater (boulder)

Songs for Arnie @Cervantes Other Side

Teresa Lynne & The Dreamboats @Ziggies

Lion SoulJahs w/ Irie Still, Despicables, mono verde @ Herman's Hideaway

The Angela Bofill Experience w/ feat. Maysa and Grammy Winner Dave Valentin @ Soiled Dove

The Stripe Stripe Fiasco, Grim World Legacy and Odin’s Other Eye@ Buffalo Rose

Shakedown Street w/ Aotearoa @ Oriental Theater

Tragic Fixation w/ Animus, Disaffected, & Enteledont @ Moe's

Swamp Angel, Hawk Attack, Lyin' Bitch and the Restraining Orders @ Rockaway


Another night with some decisions to make. While I will personally be at the Moe. show at the Ogden, I highly recommend Reckless Red. Sure it's out in Littleton and there isn't much in that town but I promise CJ will make the drive worth it. I have never been to a bad Reckless Red show. If that is not your thing, you can always check out another one of Denver's hottest bands The Knew. If you happen to make it out to Moe. tomorrow, let me know what you think. I'll be there too.

So I want to do more to make this blog better for everyone. Any suggestions?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's time for the weekend again

We are finally to the end of this cold ass Colorado week and if you are like me, you are ready for a bit of warmth and a lot of rock and roll.....and of course the Superbowl. (Go Pack Go!!) If you want to kick of this weekend right, check out one of the following shows:

GitSome, Snake Rattle Rattle Snake, The Fire Drills, and Cannons w/ Ryan Willard, Amanda Gordon Dunn & Keshet Handler @ 3 Kings

Faceman's First Waltz @Bluebird

George Clinton & Parliament/Funkadelic with DJ Rootz @ Fillmore

TREES, Eolian w/ Wire Faces, Ghosts of Glaciers @ Hi-Dive

SHEL, Jen Korte and the Loss, Rob Drabkin, Megan Burtt, Dave Preston, Mark Tidd, Ayo Awosika, David Rynhart, Dave Tamkin, Justin Roth @ Bluebird

Faux Punk - The Ultimate Daft Punk Tribute @ Fox Theater (Boulder)

The Foot, Monroe Monroe, Petals of Spain @ Larimer Lounge

Fire In the Asylumw/Places, James and the Devil, Shake-Up Brigade, Young Jay and Fame @ Summit Music Hall

FIVE13 @ Platinum 84

Invisible Allies (Bluetech + Kilowatts Collaboration Set) @Cervantes

Solo Sets by Bluetech & Kilowatts w/ The Malah and Archnemesis@ Cervantes Other Side

moe. @ Ogden

The Indulgers @ St Julien Hotel

Under a Blood Red Sky @ Walnut Room

Swamp Angel with Royal Dead, Chainsaw Love Affair and Landgrabbers @ Bender's

Apex Vibe w/ Desciples, Weapons of Mass Creation,Coral Thief, Buntron Smith @ Herman's Hideaway

Kelley Hunt w/ The Erica Brown Trio @ Soiled Dove

Chris Cagle @ Grizzly Rose

Voices of the Wetlands w/ Tab Benoit, Cyril Neville, Anders Osborne, Big Chief Monk Boudreaux, Waylon Thibodeaux, Jumpin' Johnny Sansone & Mike Zito @ Gothic Theater

Reviving Cecilia (formerly Consider The Raven), Vanessa Spear, w/ The Horse Latitudes, Jay J Matott & The Arctic @ Moe's


Booze Bombs @ Rockaway

My Body Sings Electric, The Namesakes, Anchor Point, DJ Boss Karl@Lion's Lair

There is a lot of great shit going on tomorrow. I don't even know where to begin. If you want some great local music, check out The Landgrabbers. I saw these cats play a while ago and they kicked more ass than Chuck Norris. If that doesn't get you tingly in the pants then head to Larimer Lounge for Monroe Monroe. Local music not your thing? How about getting your dance on with Moe. and their extended jams. Some of the best bass playing you will hear for sure. Want a little funk in your life? George Clinton will be here as well. Snake Rattle Rattle Snake is also playing and have become one of Denver's hottest bands. There will not be a dull moment anywhere in this city at all. I'll personally be at the Fillmore avoiding the $11 beers. Hope to see you there. If you do show up, hook me up with a drink. It's not like this blog pays me anything.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tomorrow night

Too tired to do much of a post today so I'll be quick. Tomorrow head to Casselman's for some tribute bands. Hooligan's Holiday and Whiplash. Tributes to Motley Crue and Metallica, two of my favorite bands growing up. If that doesn't do it for you, check out 40 Oz to Freedom, a Sublime tribute band at the Bluebird. Want something more local? Check out Dead Kenny G's at Cervantes. That's all I got, time to do something for class tomorrow I think. Gotta love working.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wednesday night is here again

Alright, it's the beginning of February and it's another day of frigid cold. Have you drank your weight in hot chocolate yet? It's a shame that this cold snap isn't happening on the weekend, then you could at least enjoy hot coffee with your favorite booze in it. (I prefer the Van Gough double shot espresso vodka myself) If you are going to brave the cold, here is what's going on tomorrow.

Paul Riola's Cellar Door @Walnut Room

Steve Aoki @ Boulder Theater

Gata Negra, Starz and Endz, Joe Fornothin', C4X @Larimer Lounge

Society 5280, Feels Like Autumn, Acid Sundae, & Raul @Herman's Hideaway

As per usual, there isn't much going on during the week in Denver but you can check out Gata Negra. I'll be at home studying since I'm working again and have a lot of information I need to know. Have a shot of something good in my honor please and thank you.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Tuesday night.....

Are you one of the one's that are staying home tomorrow because of a bit of cold? Quit being a little bitch, suck it up, and deal with it. Don't worry, it will be in the 50s again by the end of the week. Don't let that stop you from going out and seeing some great music in this fine city. Check out what's going on.

A Day of Sorrow, Schizophrenic, Minds of Mangus, Scram Juliet, Scream Romeo @ Larimer Lounge

This is the shittiest day of music I've seen in this state. Good thing most of you will not want to go out because of a bit of chill in the air.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

What to do on the last day of January

Tomorrow is the day most of us have to start our work week. The bad part about that is with that case of the Mondays, we need to find a way to unwind and have a good time. For some reason, Denver doesn't like us to have the ability to see great music on Monday but they did leave us with a few options to check out.

Pawn Ticket Trio @3 Kings

Plain White T's w/ Parachute, MIGGS @ Gothic

Cisco Adler @ Fox Theater

Haste the Day, My Children My Bride, A Plea for Purging, Anchorage @ Marquis

Tomorrow I say Plain White Ts or Pawn Ticket Trio. At least with Pawn Ticket Trio there will be burlesque. Plain White T's will have a bunch of people that just want to hear Hey There Delilah. Yeah, I'm not overly impressed with the line up tomorrow either.

New Ben Franklins with The Gones and Yelling Man

Last night we hit up the old Lion's Lair on Colfax to see New Ben Franklins. With all the great music going on in Denver, I'm glad that was the choice I made. In the end, it was probably the best choice.

When we got there, Yelling Man was in the middle of his set. I'm pretty thankful that we weren't there for the whole set because honestly, he didn't do much for me. It was one man and an electric guitar and nothing spectacular about the lyrics or his singing style. He wasn't terrible but he wasn't good, and not a lot of energy at all.

Up next, the Gones took the stage. The main vocalist looks a bit like the guitarist from Toad the Wet Sprocket but played with more energy. Lyrically, I love what these guys were putting out. Clever lyrics about getting drunk and fucking, lots of relationship stuff, and just having a good time. They all bounced around the stage and got the crowd going. I can't believe I haven't seen them before. I was quite impressed. The only downfall for them is they didn't have a CD to purchase.

To close out the night we were graced with New Ben Franklins. Now, I love these guys and even have their ink on my arm. (I'm really dedicated to local music) I couldn't tell you the number of times I've seen them and this was easily their best show I've ever seen them put on. They updated all of their songs from a country sound to a rock sound, Mark Costa was looking like Animal from the Muppets on the drums just beating them down like a drunk hick beats his wife. Their new bassist has finally got all the songs down and looked more comfortable playing them, and Dave DeVoe was at the top of his game. The man was jumping around a lot and was obviously having the time of his life on that stage.

Awesome show, awesome night, awesome friends, I fucking love the Denver music scene. Nights like last night really cement it. Up next, Reverend Horton Heat at Bluebird.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Breakpoint Method w/ The Threatened, No More Excuses

Last night I made it out to Herman's Hideaway for The Breakpoint Method, The Threatened, and No More Excuses. There were a couple other bands on that bill too but I didn't get there early enough to see them and something tells me that's probably OK. Overall, the show was mediocre at best but each band brought something slightly different to the people there.

When I arrived, No More Excuses were in the middle of playing their set. The sound was cranked up as loud as it could be and while they sounded decent playing together I could not distinguish them from any other band on the radio. While there can be some marketability in that, it's just not my thing. Also, the decibels could have been a bit lower. Turning up everything as loud as you can does not always make the music better. It's usually an overcompensation for a lack of talent. The singer sucks? Turn up the volume so you can't really hear him. Guitarist is just learning some of the riffs? Turn up everyone else so they drown him out. Think about that in the future bands. We know why you do it.

Next up was The Threatened. This was the band of the night that I came to see and actually enjoyed. The first thing that I noticed was the volume was a lot lower during the Threatened than it was for No More Excuses (and later The Breakpoint Method as well) There was never a time in the set where I couldn't hear the vocals, pick out the bass or guitar or the drums. The sound guy really zoned in and had everything sounding good. They opened up with Republica's Ready To Go and it was the only cover song I recognized for the whole set. A great thing about this set is that it never felt like everything was dragging on and nothing sounded much like the same bullshit you hear on the radio on a day to day basis. All in all, the set was pretty tight and I can see why they were voted one of Denver's best bands by KBPI. I would definitely see them again, just with different bands playing around them.

Last up was The Breakpoint Method. This is a band out of Kansas that is trying to get some kind of following. Word of advice, you don't need to scream every fourth line of your songs. That can sound cool in moderation (see Rise Against) but for the most part all you are going to do is clear out a room. Thankfully these guys were the headliners because the people there were able to call it a night and not stick around for utter garbage. I give them props for getting onstage but Jesus Christ, you guys need to change it up some. Also, the cover of Cranberries Zombie made the original sound like the greatest song ever written compared to their version (with screaming) They were shit with a capital S. I'm curious as how the band progression went. I think it went something like," Dude you are way out of tune on all these songs. We are thinking about kicking you out of the band"." No, I'll scream the lyrics and maybe it will sound better". "GENIUS"

No More Excuses gets a C
The Threatened gets an A
Breakpoint Method gets an F

The place to be tonight, and tomorrow too.

After a day with having no internet until it was time to go out and get things done, I did not get a chance to update this yesterday. It's a good thing you all were too busy getting drunk to care, or maybe that was just me. Anyway, the music around town last night was out of control and not only does Denver have some of the best music, but they also have some awesome bartenders. Here's what's going on tonight in this great city.


RJD2 w/ MTHDS ("Positive Movement" Video Premier), WillDaBeast @ Gothic

Junior Brown w/ The Hollyfelds @ Soiled Dove

Amazing Twin, Princess Music, Bone Orchard Revival @ Skylark

The Wailers @ Fox Theater

Take to the Oars, Boys Sofo @ Hi-Dive

Franki Chan SIA Party, Blkhrts, Pdrblk @Larimer Lounge

Seismic Event w/ Able Archer, Ryan Flick, Chella Negro @ Walnut Room

Casey James Prestwood and the Burning Angels @ Parker Library

Sadistik w/ Fresh Breath Committee, Sarx, Sick Illusions, II Driven @ Moe's

The H is O, Evening Edition, Chambio, Hawk Attack @ Benders

Blacktooth Rounders w/ Stealth Hippo, Firemouth, Whiskey Tango @ Oriental Theater

Lady Parts w/ Maudlin Magpie, Doo Crowder and Samantha Doom Blows Up the Band @ Mercury Cafe

Gypsy Jazz / Parisian Swing @ Paris on the Platte

Pearl St. All Stars @ Boulder Theater

The Motet @ Cervantes

Bloodkin Acoustic feat. Danny Hutchens, Eric Carter, & Eric Martinez w/ Mark Brut @ Cervantes Other Side

Blind Child Blues Band @ Ziggies

Midnight Vine, The McRae, Fleeting Matters @ Herman's Hideaway

The Bloody 5s at Three Kings

Steve Law and Frederick Poindexter @ Walnut Room

Rev Horton Heat @ Bluebird

New Ben Franklins w/ The Gones and Yelling Man @ Lions Lair


Reverend Horton Heat @ Bluebird Theater

Marijuana Deathsquads w/ Glass Hits, 25 Rifles @ Hi-Dive

Nothing But Software, Patrick Keating, Tany Heart, irie sanchos, Michael DeLalla, The JATO Unit, Don't Kill The Messenger, Papachury, The Human Imagination Project @ Cervantes

School of Rock w/ presents Dark Side of The Moon @Soiled Dove

Mark's Midnight Carnival, Twin Peaks, Cosmic Sound Child, Hollow Young, Christof Brownell @ Larimer Lounge

The Wailers, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, Duane Stephenson @ Ogden

The Unsinkables w/ Aphonix @ Lions Lair

Now that's a lot of rock and roll to fill your weekend with. I will personally be at New Ben Franklins tonight and Reverend Horton Heat tomorrow night cuz spending three days straight rocking out right before you start a brand new job is how I roll. Sure it's not the brightest idea I've ever had but no one ever said I was a genius. If you decide New Ben Franklins aren't your thing then after Dave DeVoe beats you with his man purse (or satchel if you are a Hangover fan)* you can go check out the Wailers up in Boulder or Reverend Horton Heat at the Bluebird. I'm pretty sure Sunday's show is sold out though.

Sunday I say go check out School of Rock doing Dark side of the Moon or Rev again. Both promise to be good nights. Plus, I'm curious to know how the school of rock sound since it is the youngsters singing. As usual, have a great time and if you go to a show, I'll post your review here. Just email me.

*I'm just kidding Dave Devoe won't beat you, he's an outstanding guy and a talented musician.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What's going on in Denver on Thursday and Friday?

You did it, you survived the work week. Almost anyway. You still have two more days to go. Good thing for you, this is the time of the week when the music in Denver actually kicks it up a dozen notches and has a lot to offer. Since my internet will be down for the day tomorrow, here is what is going on in town tomorrow and Friday.


Old 97's w/ Langhorne Slim @Boulder Theater

Circle Jerks, King Rat, Never @ Bluebird Theater

Z trip@ City Hall

Big Gigantic w/ Prophet Massive (Jason Hann - EOTO/SCI), Project Aspect, Frequent-C @ Gothic Theater

WINTER WoMP w/ J.WAIL feat. Chuck of Lotus, FRESH2DEATH, ISHE, Digital Beat Down, Vinnie Maniscalco (GotBassMusic),Bourdon, Rob Bass, Malt Thizney, Gaia Experiment @ Cervantes

Dubskin w/ Abstract Rude, DubConscious & DJ Drez @ Cervantes Other Side

Buckcherry, Hellyeah @ Fillmore

Mike Pinto, P-Nuckle, Coral Thief @ Larimer Lounge

Abi & the Blue Language w/ The Belle Jar, & Swedge @ Herman's Hideaway

Rootz Underground @ Funky Buddha


Big Boi W/ Special Guests Eligh & Scarub @Ogden

Kraddy, Jantsen, Project Aspect @ Bluebird

Big Gigantic @ Fox Theater (Boulder)

Young Cities w/ Monroe Monroe @ Rockstar Lounge

Glowing House w/ Chimney Choir, Elyse Miller, Jamie Mefford @ Moe's

Anthony B. w/ Peace Officer @ Cervante's Other Side

Future Jazz Project @ Herbs Bar

Katey Laurel CD Release w/ Denver Dozen Acoustic Variety Show @ Walnut Room

The Breakpoint Method w/ The Threatened, No More Excuses, Wild Angelz, & Night Lite Vandals@ Herman's Hideaway

Boldtype, St. Fall Apart and Bad Karma Kings@ Rockaway

Rootz Underground w/ Trichome @ Oriental Theater

Rebelution@ Fillmore

Fox Bachelorette Party w/ Night Ranger and Groove Hawgs @ Grizzly Rose

Darren Rahn and Tim Bowman @ Soiled Dove

The Motet @ Cervantes

Onda@ Waterloo (Louisville)

Catfish Kray's Blues Band with Jesse Garland @ Ziggies

Sin Fix w/ The Killing of Kindness, Sunday Massacre, Day of Reckoning @ Gothic

Frontside Five, Beer Boys, Miss Fritz @ Bender's

Artless Bravado, My God Micah, Red Fox Run, The Cardinal Grey @ Larimer Lounge

The Rep, No Concept @ 3 Kings

My God that's a lot of great music in two days. If you've been patiently waiting to go out to see shows because the beginning of the week was pretty much shit then here is your chance to have a great time. Thursday night, I recommend either the Circle Jerks or the Old 97's. You can't go wrong with classic punk or some relaxing kbco type music. That's a lie, there is a lot of bullshit in each of those genres but neither of these are it.

Friday night I hope you are ready for the awesomeness that awaits you for that night. I personally plan on checking out The Threatened as I've promised someone that I wouldn't miss it unless something terrible happens. Boldtype at Rockaway is a great choice too, unless they haven't fixed the venue sound and then you are fucked. If it's instrumental you want, check out Motet at Cervantes. I had a chance to see them last year opening for Michael Franti and they were pretty decent. Tonight they are doing the best of Halloween, they will be there Friday as well performing Earth, Wind, and Fire. As usual, have a great time out there and if you see a show, email me and I'll post your review.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Going to any awesome shows?

Hey everyone, if you go to a show and would like to have your review posted, please email me at and I will post your review right here and give you full credit. I'm only one man and can't be at all the awesome places music is happening.

Ronnie Milsap review

Last Saturday I got a chance to see one of country musics legendary performers at the Grizzly Rose. You may have heard of him, he goes by the name Ronnie Milsap. Milsap, who turned 68 recently, played a modestly short set of 75 minutes and played mainly a greatest hits set with only a couple songs that were either covers or new songs. He played his greats like Smokey Mountain Rain, Daydreams About Night Things, Stranger In My House, and Lost in the 50s (In the Still of the Night) and covered Patsy Cline and the Rolling Stones. One of the great things I took out of the show is how much his voice has held up over the years. He was able to hold some of the notes for 30 to 40 seconds, even while other people in the audience were gasping for air while singing along, he still managed to hold the tune. Even Robert Plant can't do that much anymore. After 40 number 1 hits, Ronnie Milsap proved to everyone why his music is timeless. Old classic country will trump the new popular bullshit that has been coming out lately any day (very few exceptions to that rule)If he lives to come back through here, check him out. You may never get the chance to again.

Around town Wednesday night.

Tomorrow is hump day and what better way to ensure that you get lucky than to take your significant other out on the town to imbibe in the finest of alcohols while rocking out to Denver's finest music. If that doesn't work, then I say find someone on Colfax to satisfy your needs (gross, really. Have you seen what's crawling around there? It's not anything you would see at the Bunny Ranch that's for sure) Ok, back to the topic at hand, music. While the beginning of the week hasn't brought much to light in awesomeness, Wednesday is picking up a tiny bit. (turd polished)

Air Waves w/ Hindershot, Reviving Cecilia @ Hi-Dive

Royal Bangs, Common Anomaly, Colfax Speed Queen @Larimer Lounge

People Under The Stairs @ Fox Theater (Boulder)

::: the slowdown lounge ::: featuring Paul Riola's "Cellar Door @ Walnut Room (purchase $3 joints at the dispensary next door if you have a marijuana card)

The Zen Theory w/ Madeline's Revenge @ Cervantes Other Side

Emergency Pullout @ Casselmans

Headrush @ Funky Buddha

Steven Andrews and the Red Delicious, Infidel, Gypsy Fit, , & J.C. & The Water Walkers @ Herman's Hideaway

I say head to Cervantes Other Side for Zen Theory. They are a transient type jam band with some good grooves but mediocre vocals. They jam pretty good from what I can tell on their youtube clips but I personally like Tea Leaf Green Yamn a lot better. If jam bands aren't your thing, go check out the Colfax Speed Queens at Larimer Lounge. None of these bands do it for you? Try this then. Go to any random happy hour in Denver, get blitzed, and then see the worst band on this list. I promise you it will be the most amazing night of your life. Just don't wake up in jail.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Around town tonight and tomorrow

I know you're tired of this miserable work week and it's only Monday. I have an idea. Go out and get shit faced while rocking out to some of the best stuff in Denver. Busy tonight? That's ok. There is great stuff going on tomorrow too. Check out what's happening.


Pawn Ticket Trio @ 3 Kings

Lynch Mob @ Casselman's


Cruel Hand @Oriental Theater

Erik Boa's BIG Blues Jam @ Herman's Hideaway

Jababa w/ The Blues Allstars @ cervantes Other Side

Dave Lemieux and House of Soul w/ At The Table with Dr. King @ Soiled Dove

Fire in the Sky, Parley, Bodies We've Buried, Leftmore @ Larimer Lounge

Alright, so I got you all hyped up for no good reason. Still, did you see the Lynch Mob are playing tonight? If you don't know who they are, it's the band that features ex Dokken member George Lynch. Back in the day they had a hit called Wicked Sensation and then they disappeared and were completely forgotten. Now that they are all broke and sucking off the government and are all about to get evicted from their homes, they decided to reunite and hope to make enough to pay rent on the 1st. That's where you all come in. Go out, buy your ticket, laugh at them, and feel good you were able to help out aging rockers keep their studio apartments for one more month.

Tomorrow though, check out the Blues jam. That doesn't sound too bad if you get the right people there. Don't worry, the music will get better as the week progresses as is usually the case.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Facebook issues

If you are trying to follow this blog on Facebook and the feed isn't showing up, go to edit options and on the drop down, click on it and change it to show all pages and feeds.

Around town 1-23

Honestly, I believe they shut the city down because of the playoffs. I mean, it's been since 1941 since the Packers played the Bears in the playoffs, and the winner goes to the Superbowl. After that it will be the Patriots and Jets playing. By the time it's time to go to a show the city will be too drunk. So, with that said here is who will be here tomorrow.

Brian Jordan Band w/ Brian Jordan (Karl Denson's Tiny Universe), Bernie Worrell (Talking Heads, P-Funk), George Porter Jr. (The Meters), Jen Durkin (Deep Banana Blackout) and Dave Watts (The Motet) and Special Guest E.D. (Jesus) Coomes (Lettuce) @ Cervantes Other Side

DISKREET @ 3 Kings

Crooked Ways, Circle Number Dot, Left Foot Green, The Toasting Game, Sleepy Weather @ Larimer Lounge

Yeah, after blowing its musical wad on music tonight, Denver offers up nothing much to get excited about. Head on over to Cervantes Other Side for their line up. It looks the best out of all the shows. That doesn't do it for you? Get drunk and watch football. It's the American way, and you can pass out early enough to make it to work tomorrow without a hangover.

Best of 2010

At the start of 2010 I had one goal. The goal was to see 100 different bands. I didn't care if they were openers, local bands, national acts, or just some kids playing on the street with their instruments. Alright, that's extreme. Those kids have no talent and if you can call that music, then you are probably a fan of half the shit they have on the radio these days that somehow passes for decent. Hell, even those drunk chicks singing Don't Stop Believing sound better. Anyway, here is what I pick to be the best shows of 2010 in several categories that I made up just so I can give props to everything I loved.

Best new band that didn't play in 2009:

Bonnie Situation. Have you seen them yet? They have played a total of 2 gigs so far and kick plenty of ass. Not only do they have original music, but they aren't afraid to give you some covers that will blow your mind. Run To The Hills, Hot Legs, Anything Anything, and they have a female lead vocalist belting them out. Not only is she belting them out, she doesn't even struggle hitting some of the more difficult notes. Check them out in February at Herman's Hideaway (hit their FB page for details)

Best local band that I only discovered this year:
Frogs Gone Fishin' I had the honor of seeing these guys play twice and each show was completely different from the last. At any time you could go from funk to jamming, to Rage Against The Machine. Each night seems to focus a different member and it's always a good time. They will be playing a lot in the next couple months.

Best opening act:
Joe Cocker. I got the chance to see Joe Cocker open for Tom Petty. What I expected was an old guy who got high one too many times put on an OK show and what I got was a performance that was on par with his Woodstock performance. My mind was blown, the energy was high, and that mofo owns the Beatles songs he covers. The runners up for this category are John Mellancamp,Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears, and Fishbone.

Best local band that has a great mix of covers thrown in:
King for a Day. Yeah, I'm pretty biased but I love those guys. I can honestly say I've been to more KFAD shows than all the wives of the members combined. I can't say enough about these guys so just go check them out.

Best local band that plays a lot of country:
New Ben Franklins. I love them. Their music is great. See them at Moe's in February.

Best local music festival:
UMS 4 days of music, 300 bands, and nothing but a good time. If you can't discover at least one new artist at UMS, you probably also struggle to find weed at a Phish show. Hell, your parents probably couldn't even find acid at Woodstock. Kill yourself now you pathetic piece of shit. I've been to UMS the last two years and am already looking forward to this years festivities. I don't even care who plays, it's that much fun.

Best national act I saw more than twice:
Honestly, I was completely blown away by Phish. We saw them in Telluride for their two night run and the whole community of brotherhood between the fans is something that no other band can match. The music was spot on for all 5 nights we saw them combined this year, and you definitely wanted to dance. Runners up are Dave Matthews Band, Michael Franti, and Fishbone

Best National Act I saw once:
Weird Al. I have wanted to see him for years and never got around to it. When we got our chance, we took our front balcony row seats and were able to enjoy everything I had expected out of his show. Costume changes, guitar smashing, ALtv, and the entire crowd singing and laughing. Runner up is Green Day.

Best performance by a music legend:
The term legend shouldn't be taken lightly. When people hear the name Robert Plant, they automatically think of Stairway To Heaven and want to get into arguments about who the greatest guitarist of all time is. With that said, we were lucky enough to witness lots of legendary artists this year. That will have to go to Bob Dylan. This man was responsible for so many great songs in history. Almost every band covers him. Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young, Dave Matthews, the Byrds, just to name a few. He is the greatest songwriter ever and to be standing within feet of him was a true honor. The runners up were Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, Elton John.

Best Visual Performance"
Roger Waters recreating the Wall. Yes, the legendary Pink Floyd album. Recreated. Simply amazing.

Most interesting stage show:
Gwar. This show had decapitations, blood shooting out on the audience, beasts playing music, and Lady Gaga getting sacrificed. Awesome.

Best Cover Band:
Cash'd Out. These guys are simply phenomenal. They have Johnny's sound, movements, and even some stage banter. They will also throw down for 3 hours if given the chance. See them when they come to your area.

Best Punk show:
Social Distortion. Seeing Social D in Boulder for the first time was incredible. Mike Ness demanded you follow his every movement wherever he was on stage. He also loved to lean into the crowd and make sure you got as close as you possibly could.

Biggest surprise of the year:
Weezer. While I've loved their music for a while, I just assumed they would be one of those bands that aren't the best live. The fact is, they are awesome. Rivers Cuomo can't be contained by the stage and likes to get into as much trouble as he can whether its stealing someone's camera, climbing on the cables, or crawling up by the screens. He would even run into the crowds a lot. Completely unexpected and totally awesome. Runner up Fourmile Canyon Revival. 7 hours of great music.

Best Acoustic Set:
Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds. Honestly you can't beat these guys acoustically. Tim Reynolds plays guitar and can make it nearly sound like an entire string section. Runner up: Trey and Mike of Phish.

Best value for your money:
Green Day. I paid $20 a ticket and watched them play for 3 hours. If you break that down it's like $6.75 an hour. Not only that, they rocked the place. They had a great mix of old and new and made sure to make every fan happy.

Best encore:
Chicago and the Doobie Brothers: At the end of the show, both bands were on stage exchanging hit songs for what was close to an hour. I don't think a single person was ready for it to be over.

Overall best show of 2010:
While there were several things that made each show memorable, the artist that stands out the most for me is Michael Franti and Spearhead. Between the Red Rocks show and the 1st Bank Center show, Franti's energy is unmatched by no one. His love for what he does is apparent. He is one of the artists that you know are playing for the love of the music and fans and not for the love of the almighty dollar. In his shows he brings members of the audience onstage, will grab the wireless gear and play on the sound booth, or even in the stands standing in the crowd. At a Franti show, there is no such thing as a bad seat because he may just end up playing right next to you. After seeing the best of the best play this year, people that have been responsible for shaping music to what it is today, Franti outshined them all, and honestly he's not the greatest on CD. You don't get a dull moment at all, you always feel engaged, and you never want the show to end.

Worst of 2010:

Worst local band:
Stealth Hippo. For an hour you got to watch a 5 minute clip of hippos on repeat while the band played shitty music. Pure torture.

Worst National Band:
Ratt. Uninspired run down of their hits. I knew 99% of the songs and couldn't wait to get out of there. God awful.

This year we had the privilege to see Billy Joel, Elton John, Joe Cocker, Tom Petty, Chicago, Doobie Brothers, Paul McCartney, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, Weird Al, Anthrax, John Mellancamp, and Roger Waters in a mix of a ton of other great bands. 2010 will go down in history as the greatest year of my life musically.

Around town 1-22? Saturday bitches

Alright, being unemployed means I have no idea what the dates are anymore and barely know what day of the week it is. I mark my days like this: Is Candie home all day? Must be a weekend. Is she home after 7? Must be a Tuesday. Did she stay up late when she got up early? Must be Friday. Quit knocking my inability to know the date. I'm a sensitive guy alright!!!!!! I'm getting off topic here and this blog has found me lazy as of late. Back to it though. Here is what is going on around town tonight (aka Saturday night, you tell ME what date it is)

Crocodiles, Overcasters, Hearts in Space @ Larimer Lounge

Mike Marchant's Outer-Space Party Unit, Le Divorce, 200 Million Years, Calder's Revolvers, Otto von Cousticon @ Hi-Dive

The Polkanauts w/ Das Borrachos, the Legendary River Drifters @ 3 Kings

Concert for Cash 2011 w/ The Hollyfelds & Hillbilly Inferno @ Oriental Theater

Long Spoon Records Re-Launch w/ Dovekins, Papa Bear and Maxwell Hughes @ Mercury Cafe

Lyin' Bitch and the Restraining Orders, Horse, She's A Machine, The Worth, Final Blow, All Set, Scalafrea, Nicarguan Death Squad, Fomofuiab, Cattleist, Apathy, Crusher Bound Cadillac @ Benders

Jonathan Coulton w/ Paul & Storm @Soiled Dove

36 Chambers all female tribute to Wu Tang Clan @ Walnut Room

Bonnie & the Clydes w/ Casey James Prestwood & the Burning Angels, Magnolia Row, Pigeon Port @ Moe's

Lola Black w/ No Bueno!, Dave Mansfield & The L.A.M.F's, The Namesakes @ Gothic

Perpetual Groove, Easytonic @ Bluebird

Tribal Seeds w/ Fortunate Youth @ Cervantes

Robert Randolph & the Family Band @ Ogden

Half Full Hearse w/ E.P.O. (Emergency Pullout), Nuclear Front, Between Fate, & Miner @ Herman's Hideaway

Ronnie Milsap @ Grizzly Rose

George Porter Jr. & Runnin' Pardners w/ The Fox Street All Stars @ Cervantes Other Side

Holy shit, I can't believe all this great music is playing in one night and that is just Denver. Throw in Reckless Red in Lyons, BB King and Shakedown Street in Boulder, and the Mighty Peculiars playing a show just outside of Boulder and you have one awesome night of music in the mile high area. I will do my best to make this easy on everyone. Skip Lola Black at the Gothic and hold off seeing them until they play Herman's Hideaway in a couple weeks. You will have The Bonnie Situation and Reno Divorce on the bill with them at that time. Trust me on this, you won't want to miss that show. Overcasters is a great choice for some local music. Have you seen them? They are really damned good. If you want to get your Wisconsin on in time for the awesome Packers Bears game on Sunday, head on over to 3 Kings and see The Polkanauts. They even do polka versions of Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath. Plus, Legendary River Drifters are playing with them and damn those are some powerful vocals. Don't want to do local? Go see Robert Randolph and the Family Band. I've seen them three times and have been blown away each time I've seen them. Robert Randolph plays one of the best Steel Guitars I've ever heard next to Tom Oberheide of New Ben Franklins. With all those suggestions, I'll personally be at Ronnie Milsap. He's old and he's a country music legend. He could be dead in a week. I need to see him now.

Until next time, have fun out there and when they say rock out with your cock out....don't really take your cock out.