Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Around town Wednesday night.

Tomorrow is hump day and what better way to ensure that you get lucky than to take your significant other out on the town to imbibe in the finest of alcohols while rocking out to Denver's finest music. If that doesn't work, then I say find someone on Colfax to satisfy your needs (gross, really. Have you seen what's crawling around there? It's not anything you would see at the Bunny Ranch that's for sure) Ok, back to the topic at hand, music. While the beginning of the week hasn't brought much to light in awesomeness, Wednesday is picking up a tiny bit. (turd polished)

Air Waves w/ Hindershot, Reviving Cecilia @ Hi-Dive

Royal Bangs, Common Anomaly, Colfax Speed Queen @Larimer Lounge

People Under The Stairs @ Fox Theater (Boulder)

::: the slowdown lounge ::: featuring Paul Riola's "Cellar Door @ Walnut Room (purchase $3 joints at the dispensary next door if you have a marijuana card)

The Zen Theory w/ Madeline's Revenge @ Cervantes Other Side

Emergency Pullout @ Casselmans

Headrush @ Funky Buddha

Steven Andrews and the Red Delicious, Infidel, Gypsy Fit, , & J.C. & The Water Walkers @ Herman's Hideaway

I say head to Cervantes Other Side for Zen Theory. They are a transient type jam band with some good grooves but mediocre vocals. They jam pretty good from what I can tell on their youtube clips but I personally like Tea Leaf Green Yamn a lot better. If jam bands aren't your thing, go check out the Colfax Speed Queens at Larimer Lounge. None of these bands do it for you? Try this then. Go to any random happy hour in Denver, get blitzed, and then see the worst band on this list. I promise you it will be the most amazing night of your life. Just don't wake up in jail.

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