Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Ben Franklins with The Gones and Yelling Man

Last night we hit up the old Lion's Lair on Colfax to see New Ben Franklins. With all the great music going on in Denver, I'm glad that was the choice I made. In the end, it was probably the best choice.

When we got there, Yelling Man was in the middle of his set. I'm pretty thankful that we weren't there for the whole set because honestly, he didn't do much for me. It was one man and an electric guitar and nothing spectacular about the lyrics or his singing style. He wasn't terrible but he wasn't good, and not a lot of energy at all.

Up next, the Gones took the stage. The main vocalist looks a bit like the guitarist from Toad the Wet Sprocket but played with more energy. Lyrically, I love what these guys were putting out. Clever lyrics about getting drunk and fucking, lots of relationship stuff, and just having a good time. They all bounced around the stage and got the crowd going. I can't believe I haven't seen them before. I was quite impressed. The only downfall for them is they didn't have a CD to purchase.

To close out the night we were graced with New Ben Franklins. Now, I love these guys and even have their ink on my arm. (I'm really dedicated to local music) I couldn't tell you the number of times I've seen them and this was easily their best show I've ever seen them put on. They updated all of their songs from a country sound to a rock sound, Mark Costa was looking like Animal from the Muppets on the drums just beating them down like a drunk hick beats his wife. Their new bassist has finally got all the songs down and looked more comfortable playing them, and Dave DeVoe was at the top of his game. The man was jumping around a lot and was obviously having the time of his life on that stage.

Awesome show, awesome night, awesome friends, I fucking love the Denver music scene. Nights like last night really cement it. Up next, Reverend Horton Heat at Bluebird.

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