Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Breakpoint Method w/ The Threatened, No More Excuses

Last night I made it out to Herman's Hideaway for The Breakpoint Method, The Threatened, and No More Excuses. There were a couple other bands on that bill too but I didn't get there early enough to see them and something tells me that's probably OK. Overall, the show was mediocre at best but each band brought something slightly different to the people there.

When I arrived, No More Excuses were in the middle of playing their set. The sound was cranked up as loud as it could be and while they sounded decent playing together I could not distinguish them from any other band on the radio. While there can be some marketability in that, it's just not my thing. Also, the decibels could have been a bit lower. Turning up everything as loud as you can does not always make the music better. It's usually an overcompensation for a lack of talent. The singer sucks? Turn up the volume so you can't really hear him. Guitarist is just learning some of the riffs? Turn up everyone else so they drown him out. Think about that in the future bands. We know why you do it.

Next up was The Threatened. This was the band of the night that I came to see and actually enjoyed. The first thing that I noticed was the volume was a lot lower during the Threatened than it was for No More Excuses (and later The Breakpoint Method as well) There was never a time in the set where I couldn't hear the vocals, pick out the bass or guitar or the drums. The sound guy really zoned in and had everything sounding good. They opened up with Republica's Ready To Go and it was the only cover song I recognized for the whole set. A great thing about this set is that it never felt like everything was dragging on and nothing sounded much like the same bullshit you hear on the radio on a day to day basis. All in all, the set was pretty tight and I can see why they were voted one of Denver's best bands by KBPI. I would definitely see them again, just with different bands playing around them.

Last up was The Breakpoint Method. This is a band out of Kansas that is trying to get some kind of following. Word of advice, you don't need to scream every fourth line of your songs. That can sound cool in moderation (see Rise Against) but for the most part all you are going to do is clear out a room. Thankfully these guys were the headliners because the people there were able to call it a night and not stick around for utter garbage. I give them props for getting onstage but Jesus Christ, you guys need to change it up some. Also, the cover of Cranberries Zombie made the original sound like the greatest song ever written compared to their version (with screaming) They were shit with a capital S. I'm curious as how the band progression went. I think it went something like," Dude you are way out of tune on all these songs. We are thinking about kicking you out of the band"." No, I'll scream the lyrics and maybe it will sound better". "GENIUS"

No More Excuses gets a C
The Threatened gets an A
Breakpoint Method gets an F


  1. It's a shame that anyone can call him/herself a music reviewer when s/he is not a professional. The bare basics of being a professional music reviewer: Show up on time to watch a show you are going to review; Do not comment in your review on a band's performance if you have not heard the band, for example, NEVER state in your "review", "There were a couple other bands on that bill too but I didn't get there early enough to see them and something tells me that's probably OK." When I read this I could not believe that someone who is holding him/herself out to be a music reviewer would have written that. Totally unprofessional.

    One of the "other bands on that bill" was Wild Angelz who just came off of being voted top 6 in KBPI's Best Band in Denver. They have been written up in the Denver Post, the San Diego Reader, and other publications. To comment on a band's performance without seeing or hearing them is journalism gone amuck. Instead of going to venues to review bands, your time would be best spent in investing time and money into perfecting your craft and raising yourself from amateur to professional.

    Dianne Zarlengo, Esq.
    Manager, Wild Angelz

  2. Worst review ever.

    You are very unprofessional, and closed-minded. Don't even bother writing reviews for bands if you can't show up on time.

    Further, welcome to the year 2011. There are THOUSANDS of genres of music. You need to open up a little bit and listen to the creativity involved in all of them. As for Breakpoint Method and No More Excuses? They were the two best bands of the night. Singers both very on-key and amazing styles overall with tons of talent in each instrument.

    Wild-Angels was also a great act, and its a shame you left them out.

    There is no sense in being a critic if you can't appreciate all styles of music and listen for what's really important: were the bands in tune? were they on key? how was their stage performance? What kind of crowd should they shoot for?

    Shame on you.

  3. I will try to be mature with what I am about to say. That being said, you were obviously biased having admitted that you were there to specifically see one band, and that band just so happened to be the one band you claimed actually sounded decent.

    Second, as a music critic/reviewer, you should try to describe the bands so people who weren't there can "experience" the bands for themselves. I have read many reviews that had nothing positive to say, but they were written in a professional and mature manner so that I had a frame of reference to make up my own mind.

    Third, you mentioned the "sound guy" did a great job for your favorite band. Was that the same sound guy for the other bands? If so, why didn't this guy help the other bands out by adjusting volume levels, etc.? I don't find it fair that you give props to a "sound guy" for one band's performance and then blame the musicians of the other bands for being too loud, etc. Make FAIR comparisons.

    Fourth, what music background do you have, if any? Do you know anything about music other than "the set was pretty tight"? My apologies if you actually DO have any musical background. I'm doubtful, nonetheless.

    Fifth, I can't BELIEVE you wrote a review for an event that you couldn't make it to ON-TIME. Do you think a professional reviewer would show up to a play during Act II and say, "Well, I didn't see Act I, but I doubt I missed anything. I didn't understand the play at all, but that's because the actors suck." NO! The professional would see the ENTIRE play or not write a review at ALL.

    Sixth, part of writing a review is doing RESEARCH. Did you find out anything about the bands who were there before you wrote this so-called review?

    I could really go on, but I think you get my point. Hopefully, your 5 followers will, too.

  4. Thank You for your insight into these bands and your review of this show. I am glad I couldn't be there to review bands I haven't heard. I think these other comments have been too hard on you.

    I will be sure to check out (your friends?) "The Threatened." They seem to be doing well with the sound guy they use.

    Sometimes a small time reviewer just can't make it to see the bands they review. Hey, it happens. You are learning. You went to see your fav band, they rocked, the sound guy hit his mark, everyone else sucked, it happens. Your buddies sounded great surrounded by such garbage.

    The next time I go listen to a new band I will keep you in mind. Anything new is just crap. Focus on the sound guy. I mean in the end I am there to review them, not the band.

    Good luck with your blog. I mean you have 5 whole followers to please. It isn't an easy task. So my advice to you is to keep showing up late to shows, follow your (closed) mind and keep reviewing bands. It seems to be your future.

    Rock on (but not too loud) Denver!

  5. I am unbelievably shocked at your irresponsibility in writing this. Don't review bands that play in a genre that you are not familiar with. It is detrimental to the bands, the fans, and most of all to you. What will become of your reputation when people reading your reviews realize that you are not worth reading?

    You don't show up on time, then proceed bash good bands because you don't understand, or appreciate, the genre in which they reside. The 9513 wouldn't review a Metallica concert. Why? Because they are a Country Western review group. Why give your opinion on something that you don't care for or understand.

    Another excellent band gets bad publicity through another demeaning and ignorant schmuck.

  6. Heh, not going to lie. The best part of this review is reading everyone else rip you a new asshole.