Sunday, October 31, 2010

Around town 11/1

Tomorrow is a very light night. Here is what I could find going on.

Azure Ray, Tim Kasher (Cursive) w/ Tim Fite @ Hi Dive

Before Their Eyes w/ No Bragging Rights and Ice Nine Kills @ Cervantes

Seth Evans, Lucida Tela, The Zen Theory @ Larimer Lounge.

My recommendation for tomorrow is stay home, light some candles, and make sweet love to your significant other. After those 45 seconds are up, put on a movie, maybe Monday Night Football, and then make sweet love to them one more time.

A couple of quick reviews

I had the opportunity to see two bands on Friday night that I love. The first one was Reckless Red. To see them on Halloween weekend, I had to go to hell. Well, Hades to be exact. Reckless Red is an alt country blues band fronted by one of the most talented vocalists in Denver. She is easily Denver's answer to Susan Tedeschi. This band also features easily one of the best guitarists in Denver as well. Rooster throws down riffs better than a ton of national acts and does it effortlessly. The bar they played at was an interesting crowd. Lots of older people, some country people, and a couple people that looked like they could have been homeless and spending their panhandled change on a couple of cheap PBRs. The sound was surprisingly good for a place that looks more like a converted restaurant than a place fitted to hold lots of live music. I had a great time. Go see these guys if you get the chance. You will get your money's worth.

The other band I got to see was Mighty 18 Wheeler. Now, I love these guys a lot. These guys are the ultimate showmen. You have outfit changes onstage, gogo dancers, sick bass riffs, and some of the most talented people in Denver all on one stage. Seriously, they are a treat to watch. Normally, they are a treat to listen to as well. The problem with them on Friday was the place they were playing. While Rockaway looks like it was made to host a lot of live music, the acoustics in that place are absolute shit. Or maybe it was the guy working the board? All I know is that the vocals sounded drowned out. During the cover of Paint It Black I didn't even recognize it until about midway through and normally I know that song the second they play it. None of the instruments seemed to be distinguishable from the next. I walked around the place to find somewhere that didn't sound off but could only find near the patio area for anything decent. While I highly recommend seeing these guys play, just be sure you don't see them at Rockaway. I'm willing to give that venue one more chance in hopes it was just a bad night for the sound guy but that's it.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Quick recommendations for tomorrow

Another day I'm too busy for a full update. This is better than Christmas for me. I love Halloween. If you are going out to rock tomorrow, here are my suggestions. Catch Slim Cessna's Auto Club at Benders. They never disappoint. If they aren't your thing, you have two jam band choices. You can check out Leftover Salmon at the Fillmore. They are having a costume contest where the winner gets tickets to every Fillmore show for a year. Could be worth the admission if you win. If you are a fan of Earth, Wind, and Fire then check out the other jam band Motet who will be covering them at the Ogden. Want to see big name bands but can't afford the prices? Check out these cover bands. Grizzly Rose has Kiss, Journey, and Van Halen tribute bands. Under a Blood Red Sky and American Idiots are playing at City Hall. Also, check out The Threatened at Toad Tavern. They are dropping a new CD tomorrow. Yet another night with a ton of choices. Time to put on your big girl panties and have some fun. I hope to see you all tonight at Mighty 18 Wheeler or Reckless Red.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Recommendations for tonight and tomorrow night.

The weekend is almost here and there are a ton of great shows coming up. I hope you are ready to rock out with your cock out. If you are a lady, jam out with your clam out. Either way, check out these shows and you are almost guaranteed to have a great time, unless you have no soul.

Tonight, head to the Gothic to check out Gary Numan. I'm sure you will go to hear Cars but then find out he's released years of great music since then. I remember when Pure came out and being blown away by it about a decade ago. He's only improved with age. If you still aren't convinced, check out Hillbilly Casino at Benders.

Tomorrow is a HUGE day in Denver. I'm personally starting out at Hades to check out Reckless Red and then heading to Rockaway to see Mighty 18 Wheeler throw down. If for some reason neither of them grab you (and you are crazy if at least one of them doesn't) then head to Larimer Lounge for Monroe Monroe, Kissing Party at Skylark, Reno Divorce at Benders, or The Monsters of Mock triple cover band bill at 3 Kings. If you just want to dance, head on down to the Bluebird in costume for the Halloween Hootenanny and have my friend DJ Matt Fecher play some grooves for you. Honestly, if you can't find anything in the city fun to do this Friday you may as well become a shut in and never leave your house again. Not finding anything this Friday equals to not being able to score weed at a Grateful Dead show. I hope to see you all out. I'll be the one dressed up like Uncle Fester.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Around town tomorrow

One day closer to the weekend. Everyone ready for Rockaway on Friday? Get your costumes ready, and do what you can to make sure your face doesn't get rocked off. Until then, this is what's going on tomorrow.

Deer Tick, Mark Sultan @Larimer Lounge

Mumford & Sons @Ogden

Horrorpops w/ Fangs on Fur, The MuerTones @ Gothic Theater

Gaslamp Killer & Daedelus, 12th Planet, Teebs @ Bluebird

Godsmack @ 1stBank Center

Expo 70 w/ Orbit Service, and Still Light @ Walnut Room

Headrush @ Funky Buddha

Gram Rabbit @ Lion's Lair

New Talent Showcase w/ Society's Grind, The Bronz, Meantoad, & The Mighty Small @ Herman's Hideaway

iConoClass, Shanghai Sally & Jupiter Lion @ Cervantes Other side

Tomorrow if you like your rock to sound all radio friendly and not completely suck go see Godsmack at 1st Bank Center. I have heard from everyone that has seen them that they kick some major ass live. If you like your music to be local, check out Deer Tick. If you just want to do something that doesn't require a lot of thought, head to the movies and see Red.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Around town tomorrow

It's cold outside and I have no reason to go out again so I'll tell you what's playing tomorrow. I'm thinking all the best bands are playing this weekend so it's another day of mostly mediocre stuff. (The Mighty 18 Wheeler plays Friday, so get ready)

Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77, Boyhollow @Ogden

Red Fang w/ DECAY, Black Acid Devil, The Swindlers @ 3 Kings

Papa Roach/Skillet: Monsters of Annihilation (Ha!, Skillet is a Christian band, nowhere near a monster of annihilation) @ Fillmore

Resistant Culture, Sea of Bones, Clusterfux @ Blast O Mat

Celtic Thunder @ 1st Bank Center

Jennifer Knapp, Sarah Slaton @ Bluebird

Jump~Blues~Swing Open Jam with "The Symbols" @ Ziggies

The Scarlet Ending, Eclectic Approach feat. special guests Kruza Kid & the Contraband, & Ray Ray @Cervantes Other Side

Sunday Massacre, Narwahl Birdskull, Zen Sadist, We Are Erased @Larimer Lounge

Hedley w/ Monroe Monroe @ Soiled Dove

Zane Lamprey's Sing The Booze Tour 2010 @ Gothic

If you are going out tomorrow, get your ass down to Soiled Dove (one of the best indoor venues out there) and get your face rocked off with Monroe Monroe.If you go to Papa Roach and Skillet I will probably mock you.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Around town tomorrow

It's been another busy ass week for me and I really haven't had time to update this. Time to post what is going on around town again.

Interpol @ Ogden

The Morning Benders, Twin Sister, Holiday Shores @ Bluebird

Avi Buffalo w/ Wye Oak, Roger, Roll @ Hi-Dive

Interpol DJ Set, Boyhollow @ Larimer Lounge

Cattle Decapitation w/ Devourment, Knights Of The Abyss, Burning The Masses, Son Of Aurelius @ Marquis

Suicide Silence w/ Mychildren Mybride, Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, Molotov Solution, Conducting From The Grave @ Summit Music Hall

Panties at the Bar-Ooh Lala Burlesque w/ Pawn Ticket Trio @ 3 Kings

Black Acid Devil, Airbags Saved My Life @ Old Curtis Street Pub

Dave Barnes w/ Joe Firstman @ Soiled Dove

My recommendation for tomorrow is Panties at the Bar. How can you go wrong with burlesque and music? That's right, you can't.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Recommendations for tomorrow night

After eating some terrible food at Casa Bonita, I'm feeling too shitty to really put any effort into this so here are my recommendations for tomorrow.

Go see Overcasters Gathering of the Clouds at the Weather Center. I had a chance to see The Overcasters open for Munly and the Lupercalians and fell in love with them immediately. How did it take me so long to see them the first time? Also, 4H Royalty is playing at Benders. I loved them at UMS as well. Maybe I was drunk or maybe they were really good. Best thing to do is see them for yourselves and make that judgment.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Review of Anthrax

Westword hooked me up with a couple of tickets to see Anthrax last night and I jumped on the chance to go. These guys used to get played all the time on my cassette player in middle and high school. I also remember listening to them on Headbangers Ball. (Yeah, I really aged myself with those last two lines, fuck off I'm not getting older I'm getting more awesome.) For 90 minutes, the original line up took the stage and turned the place into pure chaotic greatness. They set the pace for the evening by opening with Among The Living, Caught in a Mosh, and Got the Time. Joey was all over the stage like a mad man, encouraging the mosh pit, interacting with fans, even one point taking someone's camera and taking a picture of him and the fan. The band has been together 27 years and it's obvious they are grateful to still be playing. They have been on tour with Slayer and Megadeth and were taking a one off to headline this show and you could tell just how much they enjoyed playing. There were constant references by Joey about how he couldn't believe how close everyone was to him and how much they missed playing in Denver (though I'm sure he says that at every tour stop) The set was filled with a majority of their greatest hits minus I'm The Man and Milk. They ended the night with I Am The Law and reminded us why they were considered part of the Big 4 of the metal heyday. This will be a show I will not forget anytime soon. Simply awesome.

Around town tomorrow

LCD Soundsystem with Hot Chip @ Fillmore

Holy Fuck, Indian Jewelry, Gauntlet Hair @ Larimer Lounge

Modern Witch, DJ Sara T, Married in Berdichev, Jen Villalobos, Screensavers, HalloPatric @ Mercury Cafe

Destroy Nate Allen w/ Insomniac Folklore, Monster Boogie, Chris from P-Nuckle @ 3 Kings

A Harlem Sunset,The Zen Theory, Interstate Stash Express, Toasted @ Herman's Hideaway

Alabaster Brown w/ The Migrant @ Cervantes Other Side

Headrush @ Funky Buddha

Not a lot out there but if you go out, I say go to Holy Fuck at Larimer just so you can say. I saw HOLY FUCK!!!! and confuse the hell out of people. Even if they suck you still have a fun way to present it.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Review of 1st Bank Center

After being at 1st Bank Center for a number of shows now, I think I can write up an honest review. I love this place. Before 1st Bank Center was in existence, it was the Broomfield Event Center. From my understanding, the sound was terrible there and it wasn't a good place to see a concert. Now its under new ownership and has been rebuilt on the inside specifically for concerts. The venue holds 6500 people and they usually do all shows general admission. What this means for fans is that if they want to sit down they can and if they want to dance on the floor they can do that too. There is not a bad seat in the place and the sound is awesome. Major pluses is beer is rather cheap. They had specials on Rail Yard all weekend when we were last there. $5 for a can instead of $7, not bad at all. Parking is a breeze. Although it was $15 to park, they actually had people directing traffic so you could get out a lot easier and not have the typical clusterfuck you get at most venues. Also, it's right next to a park and ride so it's easily accessible by bus. Temperature inside the venue is actually pretty comfortable, as is the seats. As a fat guy, I don't feel squished in the seats when I do decide to sit down. The staff is very friendly and even includes a lot of the same staff from Red Rocks. Security for the most part will leave you alone and while they do search you, depending on who you get they don't search you well enough to where you can't get booze in if you wanted to. As far as indoor venues for a mid size show, this place is perfect. It's one of my new favorites to go to and its close to my home. I highly recommend seeing something here.

I'm back.....with several reviews

Sorry I haven't been keeping everyone posted about what has been going on but it's been a crazy 9 days. Several shows, little sleep, and tons of fun. To make up for it I have 6 reviews in this post. I hope you're ready. Lets kick this off with the Fourmile Canyon Revival.

Fourmile Canyon Revival

For those of you unaware, there was a huge fire in Boulder and several people lost their homes. The kind musicians in the area put together a benefit show at 1st Bank Center. It included local bands Leftover Salmon, Yonder Mountain String Band, Big Head Todd and the Monsters and String Cheese Incident. It also guested all four members of Phish who were doing a three night run at the venue the next three nights. More on them later. The evening kicked off with Leftover Salmon (who are playing at the Fillmore for a halloween show) with a few guests. I've never seen these guys before and fell in love with them instantly. The lead singer looks a bit like Uncle Jesse from the Dukes of Hazzard and plays a mean guitar. They played for an hour and it felt like 20 minutes, they had great jams, great guests including Paige from Phish and the woman who plays washboard for Elephant Revival and one of the guys from SCI. They were honestly one of the best bands of the night. I loved them.

After they played,Yonder Mountain String Band were up. I've had the chance to see Jeff Austin a couple times prior guesting with other bands that played in the area. It was nice to see his full band play. These guys played some awesome bluegrass but really didn't feel like a whole band until Fishman from Phish came out to play drums for them. I guess I'm just a huge fan of drums and percussion because while you can kick ass without drums, I think it just completes the sound. There is a time and place for no percussion and this set wasn't it. These guys were pretty awesome all the way through.

When they were done, it was time for Big Head Todd and the Monsters, definitely the low point of the evening. I was unfamiliar with their music as well and was keeping an open mind for them. I really enjoyed their sound but after hearing both Yonder Mountain and Leftover Salmon, they had a lot to live up to. In the end, I felt they should have been the opener. They had a couple good covers and played their big radio hit but overall they didn't really win the audience over. Also, they did not have a single guest play with them. Way to kill the mood of the night.

After Big Head Todd, there was a surprise acoustic set by Trey and Mike of Phish. They opened up with Sample in a Jar, threw in Wilson in the middle, and closed with Bathtub Gin which kept the audience singing well after they left. I've seen Phish before as a full band, but let me say I love it with just Trey and Mike. It felt more intimate and you got versions of the songs you will probably never hear again. They kicked that places ass in several different ways on the acoustic set. They also got everyone pumped for the next three nights.

After that awesome acoustic set, it was time for String Cheese Incident. I've been hearing of these guys for years and have never checked them out. Boy was I missing out. Another incredible band. They filled the stage and jammed out for the last 90 minutes of the show. There were more guests on stage than room for the most part. Some of my favorite parts of their set was Trey singing Rocky Mountain Way with them, and the final jam of Bob Marley that had the whole place dancing through their exhaustion. This show was 6.5 hours long and filled with some of the best jamming I have seen in ages and all for a great cause. I am so thankful I had a chance to witness this.

Phish Night One

After the rocking of Saturday night, it was time to try to find a ticket for Sunday's Phish show. I scoured the parking lot looking for someone with an extra ticket (as were a lot of other people) Finally, I found someone that had a suite available for a decent price. So be it, I wanted to be with the people I was with last night and keep the party going. I am so glad I did too. This ended up being the best night of the three night run. They opened the set up with Chalk Dust Torture and set the stakes high for the three days with great classics as Funky Bitch, Makisupa Policeman, Mike's Song, and Bouncing Around The Room. They also played a brand new song called My Problem Right There which turned out to be a fun little song that will probably evolve into a great jam. The band was super tight, the light show was amazing, and there wasn't a single person having a bad time. Glow sticks were flying, the crowd was dancing, it ended up being better than both nights of Telluride combined. Both Mike and Paige were in the groove and it made for pure greatness.

Phish Night Two
After witnessing two solid nights of music in a row, I was looking forward to seeing night two. I heard rumors of rerelease tickets so I went down to the venue to see if I could pick one up. No such luck. I did run into a guy selling posters that bought an extra just in case he saw someone who needed only one. I gladly got the ticket at face value and was ready to rock out for another night. This ended up being the second best night of the three night run. They opened up the set with Runaway Jim, threw in classics like Reba, Tweezer, and Run Like an Antelope. During night two they played my favorite song Backwards Down The Number Line and my new favorite Sleeping Monkey. The bass grooves were out of control on night two and Trey was unstoppable on guitar. At the end of each song everyone wanted more. There was a lot more dancing, and great people all around us. I was thankful to be there again.

Phish Night 3
This was the night I actually had a ticket for. This was also the weakest night. Now, before you make any judgments let me tell you that Phish on their worst night is still better than most bands on their best night. (I'm looking at you Nickelback and Creed)Night three opened up with yet another of my favorite Phish songs. Stealing Time from the Faulty Plan. How can you hate a song with the line Got a blank space where my mind should be? After opening strong, they immediately went into a boring song "Time Turns Elastic" which set the pace for almost the rest of the evening. Even though they played great songs like Divided Sky and Timber, they really didn't get into their groove until the end of the first set during 46 Days. When they played that, it got the entire audience revitalized and dancing again. Everyone seemed sad when that set ended since they ended so strongly and it didn't even feel like any time had passed at all. When the second set started, they opened it with Carini, which to me is kind of a weak song and a mediocre jam. I was glad when that song was over and they kicked into David Bowie which in my opinion was the best jam of the entire weekend. It got you dancing, slowed you down, built you back up, slowed it back down, with an awesome finale. They played this song in Telluride as well and they kicked Tellurides ass with this version. I was hoping the rest of the night would continue like that but they mellowed out after that. I was excited to hear Joy and Summer of 89 but would have been happier if they were in different sets since they are both mellow songs. During the encore, they ended with Meatstick and got the whole place dancing again. When they left the stage, everyone was singing for a good period of time after. I actually wouldn't be surprised if they had some staff still singing that song a week later. All in all, it was an awesome 4 nights of music at 1st Bank Center.

Tea Leaf Green
A couple nights later, Candie had won tickets for Tea Leaf Green. She was told that she would love these guys by a few people but never got around to checking them out. We headed on down to the Bluebird in the middle of the first opener Salvage and Co. I know nothing about these guys and am kicking myself for not hearing of these guys sooner. They were fucking awesome. They had a bit of a country sound, a bit of a rock sound, a tiny bit of jamming, and great vocals. I will be seeing these guys again when they are in town next.

Following them, local band Yamn took the stage. Another band I knew nothing about. They are a jam band that has more instrumental than vocals. Their light show looked like they were trying to replicate what Phish does on a smaller budget. They had me dancing for their entire set and got the crowd hyped up when they closed with a near perfect rendition of Led Zepplin's Nobody's Fault But Mine. They are playing Cervantes in a few weeks and I think I may want to check out a full set by them.

After the first two openers, it was time for Tea Leaf Green. This is yet another band I wish I had discovered sooner. This band is bass heavy and doesn't really focus much on their lead guitar. In fact, I would say they have a lead bass player and a guy that plays guitar. They rocked the house for god knows how long. We left early since I had to be to work and needed to get some kind of sleep. All in all, it was yet another amazing night of music. I'm excited I was able to witness it.

Social Distortion

Saturday night we headed to the Fillmore to see one of my favorite bands. Social Distortion. We saw them in august in Boulder and jumped at the chance to see them at the Fillmore. Weird how they played just after Phish both in August and October. Lucero opened the show and were nothing spectacular at all. They were an average band with average skills. After the last week of music, they needed to do a lot to impress me and failed miserably. I think the whole audience was bored with them as well since no one really cheered until they said they were playing their last song. I'll skip them when they come back in a few weeks. When Social Distortion took the stage, the entire place went crazy. Mike Ness came out in what looked like a suit with no jacket. Definitely not punk at all. They kicked off the set with The Creeps, played a lot of hits like Mommy's Little Monster, Ball and Chain, and closed with my personal favorite Story of my Life. I was a bit worried we wouldn't hear that since they did not play that in Boulder at all and played it the night before. Mike Ness was all over the stage, played to each side of the venue, and made mention that the night before was filled with a bunch of deadbeats. I love that he enjoys playing his music and really hope that this band is around in another 20 years. The first 30 have been incredible. If you ever get a chance to see these guys, go. Their ticket prices are reasonable and they give you a lot of energy.

Tonight, Anthrax.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Concert review of James

Monday night I had the pleasure of seeing James at the Bluebird. This was one of my favorite bands in the 90s and Laid is one of my favorite songs to sing at karaoke, so needless to say I had some high expectations for this show. Though, being a realist, I realized the potential of his voice to fade after being around for over 20 years was a distinct possibility, but that did not stop me from going to this show. Thank christ I didn't skip it. This show was so much fun. James played a number of songs that spanned their entire career and some off the new album that recently came out. There were two main highlights to this show other than my phenomenal air drumming during Laid (in my mind I'm the white Carter Beauford) The first one was when they sang Lullaby. This song is beautiful and one of my favorites on the Laid CD. The other highlight was a song I believe was called Expression. This song was one of the most amazing songs to hear live that I have witnessed in a while. The lights with it were awesome, the drums and percussion blew my mind, and the dancing during it was great. The entire band looked like they were having fun all night long and when they closed the set they brought a bunch of audience members onstage to dance with them.

This is a band that has everything you could want, string instruments, horn player, percussion, the ability to just jam for a bit, dancing (and not that backstreet boys synchronized bullshit, I'm talking feeling the music and moving your body dancing) and incredible music. While there were a few mellow songs, there was nothing on that setlist that I would have exchanged for something else. These guys are pure fun and great entertainers. I walked out of there a bigger fan than I was when I walked in. Also, the fear that I had that he wouldn't be able to reach the notes in Laid were all for nothing. His voice is still perfect.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Around town tonight and tomorrow

It's been a busy ass weekend and I just didn't get a chance to post again. If you are looking to go out tonight, hit up Bluebird for James, Ogden to see Sonic Youth, or Red Rocks for Alice in Chains. I'm personally going to be at the James show.

Tomorrow, check out Eels at the Ogden. Those guys are awesome. I really wish I would have gotten tickets for that one. Don't make my mistake, get your tickets now.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Around town tonight

Another busy night around Denver, check out who is here tonight.

Muse w/ Passion Pit @ Pepsi Center

Passion Pit DJ Set, Boyhollow @ Larimer Lounge

Cobra Skulls, 10-4 Eleanor, False Colours, Sea Of Teeth @ Blast-O-Mat

LUPEC - Crush Party @ Hi-Dive

Bluetech, Heyoka, SHLOHMO, Kilowatts, Phutureprimitive, James Pants, Filastine @ Cervantes

Synthetic Elements w/ Forth Yeer, The Outta Controllers, Potato Pirates, Insomniaxe @ Gothic Theater

Les Nubians w/ DJ Cavem @ Soiled Dove

Artless Bravado / Flashbulb Fires / Tijuana Pillbox / Milktooth @ Lion's Lair

Ian Cooke Band w/ Ian Cooke (solo set), Kal Cahoone and the Dirty Pretty, and Bonnie Gregory @ Walnut Room

The Riot Before @ Illegal Petes

Monroe Monroe, Mitya, The Pretty Sure @ Meadowlark

Cikatriz, SuperSeed, Trykes & DJ Omar 2.0 @ Bar Standard

Super Diamond @ Ogden

Caldera Lakes, Ya Ya Boom, Doo Crowder, Sybil Vane, Kissing Party @ Rhinoceropolis

The Informants w/ Colfax Cowboys, Brethren Fast Racing Team, Second Bell @ Herman's Hideaway


tin horn prayer/el sin sin/a tom collins/THE RIOT BEFORE @ Rockaway Tavern

Nino w/ Calebkai, U.T.I.C.A @ Moe's

Jon Statz @ Walnut Room pizza

Phantom of the Opera with Marta Burton and Nick Rossi @ Eron Johnsons

Random Hero, Fulcrum & Hot Cheeze Soup @ Cervantes Other Side

The Riot Before @ 3 Kings

Dave Edwards & The Original F & G's, Buck 25, Penchant (w/ Danny Masters), Jaded Traveler @ Toad Tavern

Killah Priest (Wu-Tang Clan) & Kozmic Prophet @ Casselmans

Catfish Kray Blues Band with Jesse Garland @ Ziggies

Ben Folds with Colorado symphony orchestra @ Boetcher Concert Hall

Now that's a lot of great shows. While I'll be at the Blue October show in Boulder tonight, I recommend the following: Ben Folds (saw him with Tori Amos, he was phenomenal, throw in the orchestra and it will be a beautiful show) Super Diamond, they will play Neil Diamond covers all night. Who doesn't want to sing Sweet Caroline? Monroe Monroe will be another great show as well. Are you a rap fan? Check out Killah Priest tonight. Synthetic Elements will also rock your world if you make it over there. Tonight is the best night to be out. Make the most of it.