Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Around town tomorrow

LCD Soundsystem with Hot Chip @ Fillmore

Holy Fuck, Indian Jewelry, Gauntlet Hair @ Larimer Lounge

Modern Witch, DJ Sara T, Married in Berdichev, Jen Villalobos, Screensavers, HalloPatric @ Mercury Cafe

Destroy Nate Allen w/ Insomniac Folklore, Monster Boogie, Chris from P-Nuckle @ 3 Kings

A Harlem Sunset,The Zen Theory, Interstate Stash Express, Toasted @ Herman's Hideaway

Alabaster Brown w/ The Migrant @ Cervantes Other Side

Headrush @ Funky Buddha

Not a lot out there but if you go out, I say go to Holy Fuck at Larimer just so you can say. I saw HOLY FUCK!!!! and confuse the hell out of people. Even if they suck you still have a fun way to present it.

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