Thursday, October 28, 2010

Recommendations for tonight and tomorrow night.

The weekend is almost here and there are a ton of great shows coming up. I hope you are ready to rock out with your cock out. If you are a lady, jam out with your clam out. Either way, check out these shows and you are almost guaranteed to have a great time, unless you have no soul.

Tonight, head to the Gothic to check out Gary Numan. I'm sure you will go to hear Cars but then find out he's released years of great music since then. I remember when Pure came out and being blown away by it about a decade ago. He's only improved with age. If you still aren't convinced, check out Hillbilly Casino at Benders.

Tomorrow is a HUGE day in Denver. I'm personally starting out at Hades to check out Reckless Red and then heading to Rockaway to see Mighty 18 Wheeler throw down. If for some reason neither of them grab you (and you are crazy if at least one of them doesn't) then head to Larimer Lounge for Monroe Monroe, Kissing Party at Skylark, Reno Divorce at Benders, or The Monsters of Mock triple cover band bill at 3 Kings. If you just want to dance, head on down to the Bluebird in costume for the Halloween Hootenanny and have my friend DJ Matt Fecher play some grooves for you. Honestly, if you can't find anything in the city fun to do this Friday you may as well become a shut in and never leave your house again. Not finding anything this Friday equals to not being able to score weed at a Grateful Dead show. I hope to see you all out. I'll be the one dressed up like Uncle Fester.

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