Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Concert review of James

Monday night I had the pleasure of seeing James at the Bluebird. This was one of my favorite bands in the 90s and Laid is one of my favorite songs to sing at karaoke, so needless to say I had some high expectations for this show. Though, being a realist, I realized the potential of his voice to fade after being around for over 20 years was a distinct possibility, but that did not stop me from going to this show. Thank christ I didn't skip it. This show was so much fun. James played a number of songs that spanned their entire career and some off the new album that recently came out. There were two main highlights to this show other than my phenomenal air drumming during Laid (in my mind I'm the white Carter Beauford) The first one was when they sang Lullaby. This song is beautiful and one of my favorites on the Laid CD. The other highlight was a song I believe was called Expression. This song was one of the most amazing songs to hear live that I have witnessed in a while. The lights with it were awesome, the drums and percussion blew my mind, and the dancing during it was great. The entire band looked like they were having fun all night long and when they closed the set they brought a bunch of audience members onstage to dance with them.

This is a band that has everything you could want, string instruments, horn player, percussion, the ability to just jam for a bit, dancing (and not that backstreet boys synchronized bullshit, I'm talking feeling the music and moving your body dancing) and incredible music. While there were a few mellow songs, there was nothing on that setlist that I would have exchanged for something else. These guys are pure fun and great entertainers. I walked out of there a bigger fan than I was when I walked in. Also, the fear that I had that he wouldn't be able to reach the notes in Laid were all for nothing. His voice is still perfect.

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