Sunday, October 31, 2010

A couple of quick reviews

I had the opportunity to see two bands on Friday night that I love. The first one was Reckless Red. To see them on Halloween weekend, I had to go to hell. Well, Hades to be exact. Reckless Red is an alt country blues band fronted by one of the most talented vocalists in Denver. She is easily Denver's answer to Susan Tedeschi. This band also features easily one of the best guitarists in Denver as well. Rooster throws down riffs better than a ton of national acts and does it effortlessly. The bar they played at was an interesting crowd. Lots of older people, some country people, and a couple people that looked like they could have been homeless and spending their panhandled change on a couple of cheap PBRs. The sound was surprisingly good for a place that looks more like a converted restaurant than a place fitted to hold lots of live music. I had a great time. Go see these guys if you get the chance. You will get your money's worth.

The other band I got to see was Mighty 18 Wheeler. Now, I love these guys a lot. These guys are the ultimate showmen. You have outfit changes onstage, gogo dancers, sick bass riffs, and some of the most talented people in Denver all on one stage. Seriously, they are a treat to watch. Normally, they are a treat to listen to as well. The problem with them on Friday was the place they were playing. While Rockaway looks like it was made to host a lot of live music, the acoustics in that place are absolute shit. Or maybe it was the guy working the board? All I know is that the vocals sounded drowned out. During the cover of Paint It Black I didn't even recognize it until about midway through and normally I know that song the second they play it. None of the instruments seemed to be distinguishable from the next. I walked around the place to find somewhere that didn't sound off but could only find near the patio area for anything decent. While I highly recommend seeing these guys play, just be sure you don't see them at Rockaway. I'm willing to give that venue one more chance in hopes it was just a bad night for the sound guy but that's it.

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