Monday, October 18, 2010

Review of 1st Bank Center

After being at 1st Bank Center for a number of shows now, I think I can write up an honest review. I love this place. Before 1st Bank Center was in existence, it was the Broomfield Event Center. From my understanding, the sound was terrible there and it wasn't a good place to see a concert. Now its under new ownership and has been rebuilt on the inside specifically for concerts. The venue holds 6500 people and they usually do all shows general admission. What this means for fans is that if they want to sit down they can and if they want to dance on the floor they can do that too. There is not a bad seat in the place and the sound is awesome. Major pluses is beer is rather cheap. They had specials on Rail Yard all weekend when we were last there. $5 for a can instead of $7, not bad at all. Parking is a breeze. Although it was $15 to park, they actually had people directing traffic so you could get out a lot easier and not have the typical clusterfuck you get at most venues. Also, it's right next to a park and ride so it's easily accessible by bus. Temperature inside the venue is actually pretty comfortable, as is the seats. As a fat guy, I don't feel squished in the seats when I do decide to sit down. The staff is very friendly and even includes a lot of the same staff from Red Rocks. Security for the most part will leave you alone and while they do search you, depending on who you get they don't search you well enough to where you can't get booze in if you wanted to. As far as indoor venues for a mid size show, this place is perfect. It's one of my new favorites to go to and its close to my home. I highly recommend seeing something here.

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