Monday, January 24, 2011

Around town tonight and tomorrow

I know you're tired of this miserable work week and it's only Monday. I have an idea. Go out and get shit faced while rocking out to some of the best stuff in Denver. Busy tonight? That's ok. There is great stuff going on tomorrow too. Check out what's happening.


Pawn Ticket Trio @ 3 Kings

Lynch Mob @ Casselman's


Cruel Hand @Oriental Theater

Erik Boa's BIG Blues Jam @ Herman's Hideaway

Jababa w/ The Blues Allstars @ cervantes Other Side

Dave Lemieux and House of Soul w/ At The Table with Dr. King @ Soiled Dove

Fire in the Sky, Parley, Bodies We've Buried, Leftmore @ Larimer Lounge

Alright, so I got you all hyped up for no good reason. Still, did you see the Lynch Mob are playing tonight? If you don't know who they are, it's the band that features ex Dokken member George Lynch. Back in the day they had a hit called Wicked Sensation and then they disappeared and were completely forgotten. Now that they are all broke and sucking off the government and are all about to get evicted from their homes, they decided to reunite and hope to make enough to pay rent on the 1st. That's where you all come in. Go out, buy your ticket, laugh at them, and feel good you were able to help out aging rockers keep their studio apartments for one more month.

Tomorrow though, check out the Blues jam. That doesn't sound too bad if you get the right people there. Don't worry, the music will get better as the week progresses as is usually the case.

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