Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Around town Thursday

We are coming up on another weekend and yet again it will contain more great music than I know what to do with. Lets just get down to what's happening tomorrow night.

Tennis w/ the Shady Babes, Woodsman @ Hi-Dive

The Decemberists, Mountain Man @ Ogden

the Raven and the Writing Desk, w/ Caleb Slade, Alameda @Walnut Room

Hindershot / RECKLESS KNIGHTS, Blueberry Cake @3 Kings

Fairchildren, Sauna, Mirror Fears, Annah Anti-Palindrome @Dikeou Collection

Bobby Long, Dan Craig @ Bluebird

Bobby Long @Twist and Shout

NiT GriT w/ Jantsen, Skywalkerr, Tip-Z and Godlazer @Cervantes

Heighliner, Language of the Strange, Interstate Stash Express, Saturn Cowboys @ Larimer Lounge

CARAMEL CARMELA w/ Aim2Miss, The Shake-Up Brigade, The Field The Ocean @Marquis

Seek w/ Leah Druzinsky and Joey Genetti and the Galaxy Cookies @Cervantes Other side

The Radiators@ Fox Theater

Acoustic Heart Throb with Terry Gulley, Melissa Hession, Jeffrey Dallet @Ziggies

12th Planet w/ Skywalkerr, Godlazer, Tip-Z @Cervantes

Camp Kilroy/All Ages/Pete Stein @Lion's Lair

All Ages w/ The Hacks @Rockaway Tavern (double check with them though, seems like All Ages are double booked)

Honestly there isn't anything on this list that is grabbing me today. Take a shot and see whatever and then let me know. This weekend you will have a few reviews coming your way since I've been lazy and never reviewed the George Clinton or Moe. Show.

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