Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wednesday night is here again

Alright, it's the beginning of February and it's another day of frigid cold. Have you drank your weight in hot chocolate yet? It's a shame that this cold snap isn't happening on the weekend, then you could at least enjoy hot coffee with your favorite booze in it. (I prefer the Van Gough double shot espresso vodka myself) If you are going to brave the cold, here is what's going on tomorrow.

Paul Riola's Cellar Door @Walnut Room

Steve Aoki @ Boulder Theater

Gata Negra, Starz and Endz, Joe Fornothin', C4X @Larimer Lounge

Society 5280, Feels Like Autumn, Acid Sundae, & Raul @Herman's Hideaway

As per usual, there isn't much going on during the week in Denver but you can check out Gata Negra. I'll be at home studying since I'm working again and have a lot of information I need to know. Have a shot of something good in my honor please and thank you.

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