Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Frogs Gone Fishin'

I had the opportunity to make it up to Evergreen to the legendary Little Bear to see one of the emerging new jam bands in Colorado take the stage. Frogs Gone Fishin' consists of Trevor Jones on Lead Guitar, Andrew Portwood on Guitar, Mark Levy on Drums, and Steve Rogers on bass. Everyone but Mark are also on vocals. One of the first things I noticed when Frogs took the stage was the bass line. I love a good, funky bass line and Steve did not fail to deliver, even at times popping the bass a lot like Mike Gordon of Phish. While it's easy to just throw these guys in with every jam band out there, they do bring their own unique style to the scene. There was not one time that I felt that one of their songs went on too long, they never tried to sound like any other band out there, and there is a lot of talent. They blended in some rock, a bit of melody, a lot of improv, and an all around fresh sound. I loved every second of their show. Also, any band that can get a crowd on their feet dancing is always a good sign. One thing I would really like to see is these guys getting a big fan base, maybe opening up for Leftover Salmon or even Yonder Mountain String Band just so more people can be exposed to these talented gentlemen. Do yourself a favor, if you see Frogs Gone Fishin' on the bill, be sure to check them out. They have the potential to be big.

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