Sunday, November 7, 2010

What's actually happening around here on a Monday night?

Trying to get your week started off the right way? Down a bottle of Jaeger and have a designated driver take you to one of these shows.

Spindrift, Hearts In Space, Fingers of the Sun @ Larimer Lounge

The Spring Standards with Jessica Sonner & Sarah Slaton @ Casselman's

Pawn Ticket Trio @ 3 Kings

Mondays are the slowest days musically in Denver. Head on down to Larimer Lounge for Fingers of the Sun or to 3 Kings for the smooth jazz of the Pawn Ticket Trio. If you hit up 3 Kings, don't forget to wear some panties up to the bar so you can get a free house shot. Oh, it's Monday so don't forget there is also burlesque there as well.

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