Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Roger Waters, The Wall.....

Tonight brought the 30th anniversary tour of The Wall to Pepsi Center and Roger Waters was promising it was going to be better than ever. Now, being too young to see The Wall performed the first time around I really have no way of comparing but I do have one word to describe tonight. Phenomenal. I won't go through the setlist since everyone in the world who is a music fan should have The Wall in their collection, and every stoner should have seen the movie The Wall by now. The stage production was pretty amazing. One thing that I noticed immediately was the fact that you actually forget you are there at a Rock concert, so the band is pretty secondary to the visuals. During the opening, you had a plane crash and take out part of the wall with some awesome pyrotechnics (which sadly were the only pyrotechnics in the whole show) From there you had the flash back scene with Another Brick in the Wall where they had this awesome puppet wearing a gas mask that all the kids had to get away from and defeat. You slowly go further and further into Floyds mind where he has his sexual fantasies (Young Lust) and finally questioning the world and whether he should build a wall (Mother) The first act ended with Goodbye Cruel World with Roger Waters putting in the final brick in the wall when he sang Goodbye Cruel World, Goodbye.

Act 2 began with the band playing behind the Wall up until Nobody's Home when Roger sang while watching a TV. Midway through the set, the entire band had moved in front of the wall and played to images of war, poverty, worms, and even the animated trial that eventually led to tearing down the wall. Words can't really express what seeing it live could convey. This production was a masterpiece 30 years in the making. The story was told brilliantly through both audio and visual senses. Fucking awesome.

A couple of the highlights was definitely Mother which Roger sang while playing a clip of another show he did 30 years earlier of him singing the same song. It was his way of doing the double vocal tracks, and it was pulled of nearly flawless. Comfortably Numb was absolutely beautiful and the giant puppet used during Another Brick in the Wall was pretty awesome. This show has easily made a permanent spot in my top 10 shows of all time.

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