Friday, November 5, 2010

Recommendations for tomorrow night

This busy ass day left me with little time to get this together tonight, or maybe it was sheer laziness. Either way, it's Friday night and I'm the lame bastard home and not at a show. I suck, I know. Don't blame me, blame my job. :) Enough babbling, here is what I recommend for tomorrow:

If you love jam bands then head on down to Herbs for Frogs Gone Fishin' I saw those boys play the other day and they were pretty damn awesome. The guys at Evergroove studios know how to sign hot talent that's for sure. If an evening of dancing to great music doesn't grab you and you want your face rocked off then head on over to Larimer Lounge for the Gritch CD release show. If you have time, check out Jim McTurnan and the Kids that Killed the Man over at the Meadowlark. If you were a fan of Cat a tac you will dig them. Finally, if you are a little bitch afraid of having a good time, then I heard Sex and the City 2 is now available on DVD go watch that shit and I'll have a drink for you. Whatever your choice, have fun out there.

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