Sunday, November 14, 2010

2 concert reviews

Alright, I didn't make it to Bad Religion at all due to exhaustion from no sleep after Gwar but I did make it to see King for a Day. All in all it was a great couple of shows. Here are the reviews.


On Thursday I finally got around to seeing Gwar after 25 years of making music. My question is, why did I wait so long? Gwar itself is an acronym for God what an awful racket, and quite honestly their music isn't the very best. The good news is, what they lack in ability to play good music they make up in an over the top stage show. When Gwar took the stage, two giant zombie like creatures walked out, who quickly got decapitated and their blood got drained out all over the audience. From there, Gwar played several old and new songs with sacrifices inbetween. At one point, Lady Gaga was brought onstage wearing a toilet outfit and was quickly sacrificed by a beast with a giant plunger. Blood sprayed out of her breasts all over the crowd once again. After all the carnage during their set, Gwar came out for an encore. During this encore, Oderus Urungus used his giant strap on to simulate ejaculating and urinating blood onto the entire audience and finished up the evening with their hit song Sick Of You. This show was everything I imagined a Gwar show would be and more, I was not disappointed one little bit. Such an awesome time.

King For A Day

Last night I had the chance to see one of my favorite local bands play with a brand new member, Dan Sheck. While it was sad to see Goose part ways with the band, one thing that was obvious is that a new member brings new energy to a band. Everyone seemed to be having a great time and the size of the stage allowed Vic to release his energy and bounce around to pretty much every corner of the stage that the Oriental had. Every member was in top form and the sound at the Oriental was perfect. Every note that each member played was crystal clear, which can be a rarity at some venues. KFAD decided to take last night to play a ton of new material they have been working on, which always makes me happy. I have to say I really enjoyed Two Stroke and Golden Shot a lot. They also played some old songs like Hope and Preacher and their cover of Goldfish Bowl. The only major disappointment in that entire evening was the fact that the band that played before KFAD (Stealth Hippo, avoid them at all cost) drove a good portion of the crowd away in their long and painful set. (it also included 5 minutes of hippo action that was looped for the entire show. Annoying) After the show there were shouts for an encore. Simon left the stage and Dan, Vic, and John went into an awesome cover of The Seeker with Vic taking the vocals.It was a great close to a great evening.

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