Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Mighty 18 Wheeler at 3 Kings

If you made it out to 3 Kings last night, you were treated to a spectacular line up that had Mighty 18 Wheeler opening for the Vibrators. What most of the place wasn't expecting is for the Mighty 18 Wheeler to win pretty much the whole bar over with raw energy. To describe TM18W, you would need to look to the 70s when Alice Cooper was just starting to get big and everything was a show. Mighty 18 Wheeler has captured that time and throws in everything they can afford to do. They have a go-go dancer on stage, the lead singer has a complete wardrobe change, and there is a battle for stage presence. Every member of this band has such great presence while playing it's hard to decide who to watch, though most guys were focused mainly on the go-go dancer. During their set they threw down covers to Real Me and Sympathy for the Devil and had people screaming with excitement. When they were done playing, there wasn't much left to the place, in fact I don't think their drum kit quite made it. When they play next, do yourselves a favor and see these guys throw down.

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