Sunday, September 5, 2010

Venue review, Larimer Lounge

I have a love-hate relationship with this place. I love it because they really do get some of the best local and national acts around, the stage is pretty decent, and the drink prices are reasonable, but I hate it for every other reason.

The reasons why I dislike this venue is because they always seem to have their heads up their asses with sound, scheduling, and the temperature in that place. I've been to so many shows there where the band I wanted to see was supposed to go on at 10, but they got bumped to 11 or I catch the end of them because they ended up going on earlier. It causes things to be a jumbled mess all the time.

Another thing I hate is the heat in that place. It always seems to be 20 degrees warmer inside than it is outside, and it doesn't matter if the place is packed or not. It's usually uncomfortable inside there.

They need a new sound guy. It seems like every show I go to has issues with sound there. Either something is too loud our too quiet or nothing is coming out of the monitors properly to where the artists can hear themselves. I've heard several artists complain about this onstage, yet nothing happens. It's the same show after show.

The location is in the middle of nowhere and is kind of a scary area. It's all an abandoned feel, I don't really even see cops patrolling over there very often.

What I do love is that their drink prices are reasonable, they have microbrews on tap, and the wait staff is always friendly. There is a giant stage as well and the artists don't need to feel like they are on top of each other. They have a pretty decent back patio area that is mainly for the bands, but they do open it up for everyone else at times as well. Also, the best bands play there. I've seen She Wants Revenge play there, Electric Six plays there whenever they come to Denver, Reno Divorce had their BBQ there recently, and I am sure I've been there more times than the Bluebird.

All in all, while it's not my favorite venue, I won't stay away from the place either. Lots of people know where its at and the crowd is usually a good crowd. Go there often, some of Denver's best kept secrets will play there.

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