Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dave Matthews Band review x3

I got the chance to jump on the Dave Matthews Band tour for three shows, one in Wichita, one in Commerce City, and one in Salt Lake City and couldn't be more thrilled. DMB is one of my favorite bands of all time because of their live show. They can turn a mediocre song into greatness just by playing it live, and these three days re-solidified my love with them.

The last time I saw DMB was right before Leroi Moore died (Rip Roi) and Jeff Coffin was only filling in and not a regular member. Now that he is a regular member, he has stepped into Roi's roll nicely. He has taken several songs of DMBs and made them his own. During Lying in the Hands of God he played one of the most incredible sax pieces I've heard in my life. It turned what is normally a slow, sad song into a 15 minute jam. He brought the energy of a depressing song into something the entire crowd started dancing to. It was also great to see songs that I've heard them play live several times like Crush, and Ants Marching go through yet new progressions and not be played the same old way they have for years. In Utah, they closed the show with Two Step and rocked that song harder than ever before. Each time you thought it was done, the jam picked up again. The entire crowd were on their feet screaming for more. During Jimi Thing, they added a bit of Prince's Sexy Motherfucker into it just to add a bit more awesomeness to the song.

Another great addition to the band was having Tim Reynolds be a permanent touring member. His guitar skills are the best I've ever heard. I would honestly love to have someone find a better guitarist than him anywhere in the world. I really don't think it can be done. He is amazing and humble at the same time, which is really hard to find these days.

I've seen Dave Matthews Band 17 times now and must say that they are playing with more energy now than they have ever. They have elevated their playing to new levels and basically recreated themselves. If you have a chance to see them, go spend the money to do so. This is the way music should sound.

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