Thursday, August 19, 2010

Scorpions, Tesla, and Jackyl in Salt Lake City

Were you able to catch the Scorpions? I hope so, since this is their farewell tour. Since we had no plans for Monday night in Utah, we decided to go see Scorpions, Tesla, and Jackyl and meet up with my awesome cousin. After seeing so many great bands in two weeks, we were counting on this to be the ho hum show that probably wouldn't meet anyone's expectations. Luckily, we were surprised. Jackyl took the stage at 630 and annoyed the shit out of us for about 30 minutes. I was surprised at just how many songs they had that were famous, though I couldn't get past the lead singers desperate screams for attention between each and every song. There was even a point in the show where their guitarist played Star Spangled Banner and it sounded like he was playing on a kazoo. Seriously, give it up guys. You sucked in the 80s and you still suck today.

Thankfully, Tesla was next. I've seen these guys 6 times now (though only once as a headliner) and they still have the same energy they did back in the day. They rocked out all their hits like Little Suzie, Modern Day Cowboy, Signs, and Love Song. At one point the guitarist decided to show Jackyl just how the Star Spangled Banner should be played and basically played it Jimi style. These boys are still awesome. They have a new record coming out soon that I think I may just buy.

Finally, the Scorpions came out. I wasn't really expecting much from them since they had to follow up Tesla but damn they still know how to rock a crowd. They had giant video screens that played a bit of Scorpions history, a drummer that is incredibly talented and could easily make the case for a top 20 drummer of all time, and a ton of hit songs. After 90 minutes, they closed their set with No One Like You and Rock You Like a Hurricane leaving the crowd wanting more. This show was definitely a surprisingly great time, though hopefully there will never be a time I have to sit through Jackyl again.

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