Thursday, August 19, 2010

Review of Social Distortion

I got a chance to go see Social Distortion in Boulder last week and let me tell you, that show was the true definition of a rock show. Mike Ness has so much charisma on stage you can't help but be drawn in to his snarl. He constantly got right up to the end of the stage and sang to whomever was in the front, shaking hands and getting the crowd going. He blasted through songs like Ball and Chain, Nickels and Dimes, and closed with Ring of Fire. The energy was high for the entire 90 minutes they were onstage. My only complaint with this show is that they didn't play Story of my Life. Oh well, there is always one of the two Fillmore shows in October. If you wanted to see them and missed out in Boulder, you can see them then. Social D had two opening bands and neither of them were memorable. I'd go into further detail, but there was just too much great music that I witnessed to fully remember this show.

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