Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mile High Music Fest Day 2 review

I didn't go to day 1 of Mile High, though I heard it was awesome. I did make it to day 2 on my birthday and had a great time. When we got there we headed straight to see TR3. If you don't know TR3, this is Tim Reynolds band when he isn't touring with the Dave Matthews Band. It was great seeing him play his own music. He is a completely different person when he's playing in his band than with DMB. He sings, he dances around, and he acts like a big dork the entire time, all while showcasing his amazing guitar skills. At one point in the show they had people dancing around in costumes while he played a song about being high. Tons of fun and a great way to start the day out. After that we got some food and headed to catch Train. What a way to bring the vibe down. While I enjoy the song Drops of Jupiter, the rest of their songs fall in the way of sucking giant horse cock. They bored the piss out of us and the lead singer tried desperately to use every rock and roll trick to get the crowd going, right down to the say yeah bs. Lame. Next.

From Train we listened to Jimmy Cliff on the main stage. That man is both a musical legend, and seriously talented. I was glad we got to catch some of his set. While he didn't do anything special to get the crowd going, he just rocked the house. Check him out if you can.

After Jimmy Cliff, we walked around a bit and came across Punch Brothers. They are a bluegrass type of band that were just fun to listen to. They were jamming out for a while and we had a blast listening to them. I can't say I knew any of their music but I walked away wishing they had CDs for sale after they were done.

After Punch Brothers we headed over to see Weezer and got close to the front, which is right where you want to be for them. If you have never seen Weezer before, do yourself a favor and go. They are a lot of fun and it's obvious they love what they do. Rivers Cuomo is like a kid with ADHD and is all over the place. He was hanging on speaker cords, throwing water and toilet paper into the crowd, taking pictures with one of the photographers cameras near the stage, and at one point he even got into the crowd and walked around the entire stage area. These guys are a treat to watch. I loved every second of the show, and damn they have a lot of hits too.

After Weezer we hit the main stage for Dave Matthews Band. See my review of all the DMB shows combined to see why they are one of my favorite bands of all time. I think I got the order in which I watched the bands wrong, but the reviews are still correct. This concludes the massive update for the day, now please go out and see some shows.

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